The Shop

in association with Maison Foo, Derby Theatre and Deda
The Shop

The Shop

Dear customer, you are invited to Maison Foo's 'shop'. Happy to exchange almost anything and everything with you for the right price... No money needed, just your imagination and keen eye for a bargain!

We would like to welcome you to Pendulums, purveyors of everything you’ve ever wanted and more. But everything has a, what are you willing to pay? Shopkeepers with a difference will offer you plenty to take away with you… but are they also looking for something in return?

This short-burst opening at Pendulums invites customers and members of the public to enter into Theatre company Maison Foo’s creative process, encouraging the public to interact with some rather intriguing shopkeepers, in a fun and informal way, and to offer and exchange their opinions on the world of retail, greed and necessity. Will your contribution be accepted or will the shopkeepers want to exchange it for someone else’s? During your visit; prepare to play store detective and keep your eye out for some larger-than-life customers and staff members too. Peek through the rails and peer behind the shop counter as Pendulums is The Shop where you never know what you’re going to get or what you’re going to come away with!

Opening for a limited time only will allow the ‘staff’ at Pendulums plenty of opportunity to gather the goods and ‘customer feedback’ they require from the people of Derby to open branches in other areas of the country – in the form of a full length production which will tour to numerous arts venues across the UK.

Location: Cornmarket, Derby (near Primark).

The shop is open 12.30 - 2.30pm