How we programme work at Derby Theatre

Thank you for your interest in bringing your show to Derby Theatre. As you can imagine, we get many enquiries from companies wanting to bring their work to our Main Auditorium and Studio spaces, so it is a hugely competitive process. This page will offer you guidance on the best way to send us information and how we will let you know if we are able to programme your show.

Please send all programming enquiries to

Proposals should include as much information as possible to help us in our decision making. Please consider if possible; images, video, copy, preferred tour dates, your creative team, press or industry accolades, technical information, scale of show and other information we should know about.

We prefer to see the work before programming, or at least know the company’s previous work. If the work is in a development phase, do invite us and we'll do our best to attend If you have footage to share with us please send us a link.

We normally programme two to three seasons in advance so, for instance, during Summer we are programming Spring season and so on. Brochure deadlines are available upon request.

We programme our Studio one season at a time, with a guide timeline of:

- Spring (Jan-Apr), programming decsions by end of July

- Summer (May-July), programming decisions by end of October

- Autumn (Sept-Nov), programming decisions by end of March (Autumn 2020 studio programming delayed until end of April) 

Our Main Auditorium is usually programmed for split or full weeks. Please note we generally only programme the Studio Friday – Sunday, as during the week we use the space for learning activity. We often programme our family friendly work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Main Auditorium capacity - 530
Studio capacity - 80 or 110 (dependant on stage depth required)
Technical specifications available on request.

The process of getting a date for your show at Derby Theatre

1. Send information to

2. Artistic Director (Sarah Brigham) and Senior Producer (Stuart Allen) consider if the work is appropriate to our programme policy

3. Our Learning Theatre Programming Groups consider the work on offer and the overall programme. We operate three different groups/sessions; Internal programming group, made up of a cross section of staff from across the organisation. ‘Student Pick’ which is an open call out to The University of Derby students. ‘Community Pick’ which is an open call out to members of the Derby/Derbyshire and wider community. The ‘Student Pick’ and ‘Community Pick’ sessions operate in the same way, participant will be given a selection of shows on the table for a particular season, offer feedback on all shows, then as a collective choose the one show they most want programming, this will then be marketed as ‘Student Pick’ or ‘Community Pick’ dependant on the group who chose it. 

4. If the work does fit, we think we have an audience for the work, and it excites us, the Programme Coordinator will discuss potential dates and financial deal with you. At this stage the booking is a "Pencil" i.e. it’s likely to happen but is not confirmed.

5. We finalise our programme.

6. The Programme Coordinator will inform you of our decision and confirm the date and deal if successful.

7. A booking pro forma or deal sheet will be sent out to you. Once this has been returned, a contract will be issued which we ask you to sign and return within 7 working days.

8. We ask that if possible you send brochure copy and image to our marketing department on confirmation of booking and further promotional material at least 12 weeks in advance of your performance date.

9. We request technical riders and plans to be sent to ideally 8 weeks in advance of your production, but a minimum of 2 weeks in order to ensure we can accommodate your staffing and equipment needs. 

Hire Us

Our theatre spaces are also available for hire, for more information please click here.