All the Places We Could Travel - Online Premiere

By Rommi Smith, commissioned by Derby Theatre
Derby Theatre Productions , Digital Events
Saturday 12 December 2020

Part of Departure Lounge: Staycation

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One of two brand new short plays commissioned by Derby Theatre and created under lockdown restrictions that will premiere online on Saturday 12 December as part of Departure Lounge: Staycation.

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Two lovers separated by the pandemic: one is carrying a secret and this moment is the key to it; the other laments that plans for travelling the world are now dashed, but has no idea just where their relationship is going to travel tonight. Secrets rise like moths, but will love win?


Tania Nwachukwu - Dice

Esmee Marsh - Maybe

Creative Team

Written by Rommi Smith

Directed by Sarah Brigham & Rommi Smith

Design by George Johnson-Leigh

Video Edited by Sam Jordan

Produced by Stuart Allen

Additional Sound Design by Ivan Stott & Sam Jordan

Rommi Smith

Photo: Rommi Smith. Credit: Lizzie Coombes aka Betty Lawless

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