How to do Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin

Tips and Tricks on using Social Media
Workshops and Learning , Artist Development
Tuesday 12 June 2018

Tuesday 12th June, Derby Theatre, 6-9pm

Not sure on the ins and outs of social media? When’s the best time to post on twitter? Will that picture of my panini lose followers on Instagram? How to I maintain an online audience? Well Debbie Clarke has the answer. Join her for an evening session where she’ll give you a run down of the best ways to use social media to capture and increase an audience.

Debbie Clarke has been coaching businesses on digital marketing as debbiedooodah for 2 years now, after closing her digital marketing agency Heard Media in favour of working one to one with small businesses. Debbie also lectures on innovation and marketing at Nottingham Trent & Loughborough University and from 2018 Nottingham & Worcester Universities. She co-hosts the Women Who Create podcast and co-founded the Blue Stockings network for entrepreneurial women. Debbie brings real-world experience to a wide range of areas including; branding & USP, ideal customer, website design, creating sales funnels, blogging, social media, creating strategy and business development.

This workshop is presented by The Big House. Big House is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is aimed at developing your company as a business.  We help you develop new audiences, identify funding opportunities, boost your profile with venues and develop your company into a sustainable business.

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Running time: 
3 hours

Debbie Clarke