Scratch Night Call Out

In Good Company’s scratch nights continues, with the final one this season!  As the sun finally decides to make an appearance, what better time is there in this new optimistic weather than to visit a cool studio and let off some exciting new ideas

Taking place in Derby Theatre’s Studio, this is an opportunity for you to try out new ideas in front of an audience and get a bit of feedback to help you develop your work in the future.

This is an open call out for artists and priority will be given to those from the East Midlands who have something to scratch, however we will consider applications from further afield. Artists are welcome to submit projects which explore all subjects but as this scratch night takes place in National Refugee week we welcome applications which look at migration and it’s wider themes.

The Details

Date: Saturday 23rd June

Location: Derby Theatre

Money: £250 per show (EM artists) £300 (visiting artist).  This is to cover your expenses and you can keep the change if you have any.

Tech: You will be allocated a technical rehearsal slot of 1hr in the performance space on the day of the scratch. On the night you will have a shared turn around time 10 minutes either side of your performance

Deadline: Please apply by Friday 1st June

Please send applications which can be found here  along with a monitoring form (found here)  to In Good Company Assistant Producer Daniel Nicholas: d.nicholas@derby.ac.uk  Please save both your application and the monitoring form with artist/company name and title of the peice.

If you have any questions about the event please do not hesitate to ask Daniel. 



8th June 5.30 -7.30

PlayShuffle is an open mic night for new writing, designed to lift plays off the page so they can stand on their own two feet.  We provide the Dutch courage so actors can stretch their sight-reading muscles; producers and directors test their ability to sniff out potential and playwrights hear their work for the first time. Find out more about our next event here


The Artists' Network

The Artists' Network is a digital and physical collection of artists. It is open access - it brings together the “I”s to make a “we”, it turns acquaintances into friends and competition into collaborators.

We send a bi-weekly e-newsletter and your one-stop-shop for all artist development opportunities across the region. Email igc@derby.ac.uk to join. See back issues of our network here.

As a local artist who is a member of the Artists' Network you are welcome to request a 1-2-1 mentoring session with one of our programme producers. 


Have a read of the press release for the announcement IGC commissions here.

Tamasha Theatre - Introduction to Playwriting Short Course

A 3 weekend intensive course for writers of colour (BAME) of all abilities.

It is specifically aimed at people who have been put off writing, for whatever reason, or are looking to transition into writing plays.

Deadline to apply - Friday 25 May 2018, 12pm

Download the Call Out and Application Details


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Hang Out Happenings

Socials: In Good Company knows that it can be lonely being an artist, so we’re committed to providing you with opportunities to connect – about art, but also just the stuff of life. Come hang out with us and each other. From drinks to dancing and picnics to day trips keep watching the IGC calendar for upcoming socials.

Artist Lucky Dip

Feeling adventurous? Artist Lucky Dip is for the bold. IGC pairs you with a fellow artist, suggests a random location and you take each other on an artistic adventure. Document your discoveries using #IGCartistluckydip and feed our regular blog feature about stepping outside your comfort zone and making new connections. ***Email Dan if you'd like to try your hand at a lucky dip***

Pay What You Think

Support touring work at a price you can afford with our Pay What You Think artists’ scheme. Pay What You Think is available for all Derby Theatre Studio shows from 1 hour before the performance. Check the Newsletter for the booking code.

Previous and ongoing IGC opportunities

  • Regular residencies at The HopBarn, a countryside artistic residency with on-site accommodation in Nottinghamshire. This is an ongoing relationship and we hope to be able to offer more residencies soon. Residecnies so far have focused on the use of music in performance and providing opportunities for people of colour.
  • Supporting young artists to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time, in collaboration with Nonsuch Theatre
  • Rapid Response. An opportunity for writers to respond to new work produced by Derby Theatre and have their own new writing staged
  • Playshuffle. An open-mic play reading night for writers and actors hosted once a season. Find details about the next Playshuffle here.
  • Transit, an opportunity for Mid-career artists to build relationships with Derby Theatre, The BikeShed, Exeter and Arc, Stockton by receiving six weeks of rehearsal space between the three venues and touring the finished the show.
  • Commissions for mid-career artists of £5500
  • Meet the venues. A speed dating opportunity for artists and venues to meet each other
  • Artist Skill Swapping days, where artists swap skills and knowledge
  • A Nation’s Theatre, a national event led by Battersea Arts Centre and The Guardian showcasing regional artists in London
  • Bring-an-artist tickets, where programmers are encouraged to pay for their tickets to departure lounge in return for getting a free ticket for an artist.

'The Departure Lounge Package holiday as whole experience has helped me to ‘find my voice’ not only as a theatre maker and performer, but by supporting me and providing time and space for me to think about what I want to say and how I want to say it, for that I’m very thankful.' Vanessa Macaulay, Package Holiday recipient 2017 



We have an ever-growing collection of artist resources designed to help you find the information you need. Please have a look through the resources on offer and if you can’t find what you’re looking for do let us know, and we might be able to point you in the right direction.  The In Good Company team are always here to answer specific questions or talk through your projects, but do check our resources first. Of course if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can arrange a 1-2-1 mentoring meeting by emailing igc@derby.ac.uk

Have a look at these useful resources:

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Budgets - Touring Budgets or Under 15k Budgets Arts Council Example Budget 

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Thinking about starting a scratch night? We've made some useful guidelines on how to produce just that. See here 

Rehearsal Space - Please read the Derby Theatre Rehearsal Rooms information pack here and download a booking form here

Our rehearsal space is located at: Derby Theatre Rehearsal Rooms, Kensington Mews, Forman St, Derby DE1 1JQ

University of Derby Student? Found out about how we can support you and what opportunties there are for you here

house website resources -house theatre have a range of brilliant resources from touring information, marketing tips and technical know-how so we recommend checking out their resources page. (Orignially commissioned for house) 

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 Tourbookfind venues and audiences you never knew existed and make new connections in places near and far.