Through the expansion and development of In Good Company, the scheme will deliver an enhanced programme of artist development opportunities, including:

  • Masterclasses and workshops
  • Rolling artist-support fund, offering seed commissions to regional artists
  • Three commissioning funds for mid-career artists
  • New writing development opportunities
  • Platforms to showcase new work through festivals and scratch nights (including Departure Lounge and Check-In Festivals)
  • A subsidised touring programme supporting partner venues to programme three high quality, diverse shows
  • Regular newsletters, social events, 1-2-1 advice meetings for artists and an online directory allowing artists upload and share CVs and portfolios (delivered as part of The Big House consortium).

Artist Support Fund

In Good Company is evolving; we’re incredibly proud of our associate artist programme and to date have supported 14 associate companies over 4 years who have received tailored support to their needs. 

We are delighted to have led the way in the midlands in this model meaning lots venues now run Associate Artist Schemes.  We therefore are evolving our programme to offer even more artists the chance to receive tailored support. 

We have listened to what artists want and need and from 2019 onwards, In Good Company will have a rolling programme of bursaries of up to £1,000 that will be awarded in January and June. 

Artists are constantly having to write bids and applications, but for smaller pots of seed funding we think we can do things differently to foster better artist/venue relationships, reduce admin time, focus support around ideas not words and improve the general health and wellbeing of our sector. 

In Good Company are on a mission to continue to transform how artists and venues communicate and co-create exciting new performance platforms, commissions and touring networks and it is for that reason that we have placed the onus on venues to foster and develop relationships, and in collaboration with artists nominate them for this fund. We encourage you to have a discussion about your project with them, thus providing an opportuntiy for them to nominate you. Venues recieve a limited number of nominations; so this might not always be possible, and we appreciate that making contact with venues can sometimes be difficult, particularly if you are an early career theatre maker - so we also want to give you the opportuntiy to nominate yourself.

If you have an idea that you think might need support, please fill out this form. The deadline for this is the 10th January 2020. If we recieve your application post 10th January 2020, your application will be reviewed in the June 2020 window. You will also need to fill out this Equality and Diversity form and submit this along with your application. 

Artist Support Fund Partner Venues 

Derby Theatre – www.derbytheatre.co.uk

Attenborough Arts Centre - www2.le.ac.uk/hosted/attenborougharts

Lincolnshire One Venues - lincolnshireonevenues.com

Nonsuch - wearenonsuch.com

Brewhouse Arts Centre - www.brewhouse.co.uk

Curve, Leicester - www.curveonline.co.uk

Nottingham Playhouse - www.nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk

Arena Theatre - www.wlv.ac.uk/arena-theatre/

Mansfield Old Library - www.inspireculture.org.uk/about-us/roomhire/old-library/

Take Off – New writing Development opportunity 

In light of our expanding programme and partnership, In Good Company are increasing the support on offer for writers across the region. This new writing development opportunity aims to support writers in their careers to get feedback, raise their profile, connect them with opportunities and organisations; and support them to help themselves in the future.

This opportunity was intended for a Midland’s writer who is developing a new piece of work at crucial stage in the development process. It incorporated a £1000 writers fee, rehearsal space at Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton with a week of rehearsal space at Nottingham Playhouse and presentations and technical support at their Tilstone Studio and Neville Studio.

This is part of In Good Company’s commitment to take 3 pieces of new writing from page to stage over the course of the programme, providing both directors and two actors to workshop the pieces and get them on their feet.

Statement of Selection for the 2019 cohort of Take Off applications

In order to make best use of the resources that we have available for this opportunity, we made a conscious effort to make the criteria fairly specific, to really support a piece in a very particular moment of its creation. A piece which was ready to go from page to stage, but not yet ready for full production. We looked for writers with a strong ‘voice’, who were telling an interesting story and had a clear understanding of how their story works as theatre.

This opportunity was built in response to the lack of opportunities for writers in the region, in particular theatre makers interested in new writing exclusively. The shortlisted writers both demonstrated a clear understanding of dialogue, stagecraft and an understanding of structure and plot through their synopsis. There was a clear difference between those applications that had employed marketing copy for their synopsis and those that had described narrative and plot. 

It was really interesting to read the synopsis’ and 10 page extracts and there was a really thorough and interesting discussion around the table In Good Company partners Arena Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse in order to come to this decision. 

Check back for further announcements of who was selected in due course. 

Departure Lounge Festivals

Our annual Check-in Festival takes place at Attenborough Arts Centre and is designed for local artists to experiment and play ahead of Departure Lounge.

Our annual Departure Lounge Festival is a performance platform of national importance, attended by artists, industry and audiences. Presented with Derby Theatre, we invite local and national artists to showcase their work and celebrate new and innovative performance. Departure Lounge is the arts festival for groundbreaking work in the heart of the country. Every corner of Derby Theatre and beyond will be brought to life by extraordinary performances, workshops and discussion. 

Scratch that Itch: Performing Parents

Are you a parent/carer in the arts or, are you thinking of returning to work after having a baby or period of caring?

Do you have new work to try out in front of an audience? Do you want to be paid £250 and receive 1-day artistic support/mentorship? 

In Good Company’s scratch night returns this September and we are ready to heat things up with some sizzling sensational opportunities.

An excellent chance to let new work bloom and ideas crackle. This is an opportunity for artists to try out new work in front of an audience and get a bit of feedback to help them develop their work in the future.

We have teamed up with Notnow Collective, and are focusing this scratch opportunity on parents/carers theatre makers. This scratch is part of a bigger conversation we are holding in the Midlands region, within which we want to address how to introduce systemic change within the performing arts industry for parents/carers.

This is an open call out for three artists/companies based in the Midlands and one national artist/company who are parents/carers (companies can be either led by or employing/collaborating with parents/carers).

The work can, but does not have to be inspired by parenthood or caring. You might be a recent or experienced parent/carer or be considering going back to work after taking time out to parent/care.

In addition to the opportunity to scratch your piece, Notnow Collective will also offer the four selected artist/companies a one-day bespoke artistic/professional/peer support before or after the scratch.

Date: Saturday 21st September 2PM (performance) 9AM – 1PM (tech times) we have shifted the usual time of our scratch night after consultation with parents/carers in the arts; this will result in some noise bleed into the studio from the matinee performance that day.

Location: Derby Theatre Studio

Money: £250 per show (EM artists) or £300 (visiting artists).  This is to cover your expenses and you can keep the change if you have any.

If you’d prefer to submit this application in video Format. Please submit a video no longer than 5 minutes to igc@derby.ac.uk or using wetransfer. Ensure you answer all the questions and we don’t mind if your kids feature. 

For more information download the guidlines document

To Apply

Please complete this online form: https://ingoodcompany.wufoo.com/forms/p1x0zr5w1xv71tj/

You also need to complete this equality and diversity form: https://ingoodcompany.wufoo.com/forms/mhmiohn0y06ji8/


Please apply by 12 noon on 16th August 2019



The Artists' Network

The Artists' Network is a digital and physical collection of artists. It is open access - it brings together the “I”s to make a “we”, it turns acquaintances into friends and competition into collaborators.

We send a bi-weekly e-newsletter and your one-stop-shop for all artist development opportunities across the region.

Email igc@derby.ac.uk to join.

As a local artist who is a member of the Artists' Network you are welcome to request a 1-2-1 mentoring session with our creative producer.


PlayShuffle is an open mic night for new writing, designed to lift plays off the page so they can stand on their own two feet.  We provide the Dutch courage so actors can stretch their sight-reading muscles; producers and directors test their ability to sniff out potential and playwrights hear their work for the first time.

Scratch Nights

Our scratch nights offer a selection of new work from the most exciting artists in the region. This is a chance for artists to try out new ideas in front of an audience and for audiences to feed into the development of the next big thing. Come along to get inspired or just enjoy a great evening of new writing. 


We offer year-round 1-2-1 mentoring meetings for all artists working in the region to give advice on funding, touring, sustainability, wellbeing, artistic practice etc. 

Hang Outs

In Good Company knows that it can be lonely being an artist, so we’re committed to providing you with opportunities to connect – about art, but also just the stuff of life. Come hang out with us and each other. From drinks to dancing and picnics to day trips keep watching the IGC calendar for upcoming socials.