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New writing from artists in the East Midlands and beyond
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Saturday 14 April 2018

April 14th, 7-9pm at Attenborough Arts Centre

Some new and exciting ideas afoot from artists across the east midlands and beyond, from poetry to dating. We’ve got your saturday night figured out.


On Having No Head: physically!

Company/Artist: INQUISITIVE

This humorous and moving piece is a bold physical theatre response to D.E. Harding’s ‘On Having No Head’, one of David Bowie’s favourite books, developed in reaction to INQUISITIVE’S staged adaptation of the book for the Bloomsbury Festival 2017.

Challenging us to question whether we can say with any certainty that we have a head, Harding’s unique approach to reframing reality and self-concepts offers, through science-based and philosophical insights, well-being benefits in a delight-full, light-hearted style.

The performance captures the apparent, enchanting absurdity of Harding’s proposition, its wit, humour and the undeniable authenticity of the experience that brought it about.


It’s a Wise Child

Company/Artist: Edward Spence, Kathryn King & Jack Squires 

Annie is worried about her youngest daughter, Rosa. She collapsed in the deli earlier, she’s refusing to talk and she hasn’t even touched her tried and tested chicken broth. Convinced she’s heading the same way as her dearest Robbie, the ex-child prodigy who walked out to sea three years ago, she enlists the help of her eldest daughter, the highly intelligent, yet somewhat self-centred Rita. Realising her little sister’s issues may be genuine rather than melodrama after being asked for the impossible, wannabe actress Rita begrudgingly takes a more unorthodox approach to avoid Rosa’s imminent emotional breakdown.


LTR IRL - It’s Personal

Company/Artist: Russian Red

F: Fun-loving, emotionally unstable brunette seeks artist, dreamer and musically gifted soul for heart-stoppping romance, Ikea meltdowns, unfinished poems and tense in-car conflicts. Possible LTR? Must have GSOH. Hair colour unimportant.

M: Beatnik troubadour. Nothing to offer but my heart and my dreamy, romantic poetry. Seeking female to share these romantic dreams with me. Into love at first sight. Can provide sensory overload and aural delight. Inbox me any time, day or night.

Jodie & Greg are in a tumultuous long term artistic and romantic relationship. Like, IRL! Presenting the collisions, comedowns and climaxes of a real-life LTR viewed through a calamitous kaleidoscope of music, poetry and polystyrene props.


Five Years

Company/Artist: Neal Pike

Combining poetry, improvisation and theatre, Five Years charts the course of Neal Pike’s time at a special educational needs school. It’s a show about doing things you’re told you can’t, and overcoming powerlessness to find an identity.


Two Minutes

Company/Artist: Emma Penney

‘I’m practically a veteran speed dater’ Krysta is your typical modern woman; she’s lost, she’s lonely and she’s a failing adult movie actress so she tries speed dating. It is here that she struggles to meet one half decent person through a sea of odd men. Emma Penney’s Two Minutes takes a look at modern dating where people are told not to be too confident, opinionated, funny, sexy, or sporty, don’t talk about yourself too much, talk about that ex or ask too many questions. Don’t wear too much make up but look attractive. 

Contains strong language and adult themes.


LaPelle's Factory - Who Wants to Live Forever?

Did you know a bat is really a mouse angel and Freddie Mercury lives? An intimate one-to-one audio experience, from the point of view of a laboratory mouse, inspired by conversations between LaPelle's Factory and neuroscientist Lisa Chakrabarti. Lisa's research interests focus upon understanding the molecular basis of neurodegeneration – which involves her spending a lot of time studying bats. As science better understands what makes us grow old, what would it mean if we could cease the ageing process altogether? This short experiential piece tussles with the existential ethics of immortality, memory, identity and our relationship to old age.

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