Tooling Up - Bedfellows Workshop

A workshop about sex education.
Workshops and Learning , Artist Development
Saturday 14 April 2018

April 14th, 4-6pm a Attenborough Arts Centre

Artist Chloe Cooper leads this workshop for people interested in creating discursive forums, trying to make change with others and re-educating their sexual selves. SEX TALK MTG is a part performance, part facilitated discussion developed by Bedfellows - a group of people making tools together to re-educate each other about sex co-led by Chloe with fellow artists Phoebe Davies and Jenny Moore. This workshop will break down the role of the words, the dance moves, the agreement, the videos and the theme tune in creating an environment where people can take a position, change their minds and get political about sex.

A bit about Bedfellows:

Bedfellows is about sex. Sex as education. Sex re-education. We're currently investigating sexual identities, desire, consent, and feminist porn. As artists and sexually autonomous creatures in the world, we want to create tools together to resist the heterosexist, masculinist sex education we receive everyday from people in our families, on our TVs, in our house of commons and in the bank. We want to use our artistic means to produce counter-narratives. The project is ongoing, but it's taken shape most recently as a DIY Workshop at National Theatre Studio; a queer pornography screening at Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool; a monthly research group for peers / artists/ writers / thinkers / people interested in developing alternative sex ed models; a residency at AirSpace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent, consent workshops for Sixth Form Colleges; a radio interview on Radar Radio; a club night, workshops, and open access research centre at Tate Exchange; and a series of workshop/performance called SEX TALK MTG in various locations like galleries and universities. Image credit: Sumuyya Khader.

All events will be ran on a pay as you can basis at Attenborough Arts Centre. You can book your spaces online via our Box Office and then give your contribution on the day following each workshop/performance. 

This workshop is part of the Check In Festival, to see the full programme click here.

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Bedfellows and In Good Company