Scratch Summer Madness

Discover new ideas by emerging artists
New Writing , Artist Development
Saturday 23 June 2018

Our Summer Scratch Night, offering a selection of new work from the most exciting artists in the region. This is a chance for artists to try out new ideas in front of an audience and for audiences to feed into the development of the next big thing! 

Line Up Announced!



 An Indian Abroad

 Written & Performed by Pariah Khan; Directed by Eduardo Gam

An Indian Abroad image

 Sacred places. Mythical sites. Nando's.  Stifled by life in middle-class India, Krishnan is desperate to see more of the world. He takes a year out from his studies to visit the exotic island of Great Britain. Keen to seek out the locals and learn about life through their eyes: what does Krishnan's journey teach him about the world? What might he learn about himself? What happens when he falls in love with a native? An Indian Abroad is a satirical one man theatre show about gap year students, journeys of self-discovery from writer, comedian and professional wrestling manager Pariah Khan.


Rafia Hussain for Derby Theatre, in association with Tamasha

Asylum image

Raza, a Syrian refugee in Derby, is about to be moved out of his temporary accommodation when the Aslam family decide to be the change they want to see in the world, and take him into their home. Little do they realise his arrival will force them to face the painful truths they have been hiding for years.

 Asylum is part of Ignite, Tamasha’s Associate Producer Programme, supported by Arts Council England through the Sustained Theatre Fund.

 Derby Theatre are also working in partnership with Maison Foo and Derby Refugee Advice Centre to make theatres a more welcoming space for Refugees and those seeking asylum. Please go to and email to express interest in the events coming up.

The Gaze of Miracles

Smoking Guns Theatre

Smoking Guns Image

Smoking Guns have taken it upon themselves to create their own cult. Welcome to The Gaze. Old Spiritualism and modern day Capitalism are the perfect combination for a self-formed satirical religion. Led by an ancient creature known as The Master, the cult is looking for new recruits to join our ranks. We use live music, ritualistic chanting and a power-point presentation to make all your wishes come true. Do you want a great after-life? A wife? To have your baldness cured? All of that, and more, will become reality only if you come to see The Gaze.



Ryan O’Shea

I R A N image


Aurora borealis comes in view… A cloud appears above your head… and a beam of light comes shining down, on you.

I R A N playfully deconstructs an 80’s cult hit whilst following the journey of a solo mute performer attempting to run away from time, emotion and reality. Pungent with the euphoric melancholy of electronic music, I R A N physically plays with text delivering a distorted narrative

investigating wider themes on language, love and anxiety.


Shelley Draper

Shelley Draper
I always knew I had a one woman show burning up inside me and was working on poetry and comedy scripts… until October of 2017 when the Weinstein scandal broke. Shortly after, Fallon resigned from Government and we realised that parliament had it’s problems too. The subsequent surrounding media furore, voices and opinions, and my shouted response to all of that – most of the time assuming characters!, was the catalyst I needed to kick my arse into gear. So, I
wrote my characters their own monologues that make up ‘THAT Girl’.




Audience Comments from Previous Scratch Nights

“Really enjoyed the event. Supportive atmosphere with a variety of acts and a relaxed setting. Would definitely attend again.”

“Excellent opportunity to showcase new talent.”

“It was so good and entertaining. First one I’ve ever been to and I feel like it really brought everyone together. So much support was given for all acts. Will definitely think about performing at the next one.”

“Amazing! Well organised, diverse acts and a warm welcome. Can’t wait to sign up for the next one.”

“It was brilliant, so enjoyable, and lovely to listen to such variation and supportive people!”


We understand that writing and submitting an application for a scratch night is time and energy consuming, particularly as it’s unlikely you’ll get feedback if you were unsuccessful. While we’re not able to give feedback on each application we wanted to give a bit of an overview about the process of shortlisting to help give an insight into why we’ve selected the artists for the IGC Summer Scratch.
We have 5 slots for every scratch night we run and we pay all artist/s companies who are selected £250-£300 to cover their basic expenses. As a general rule we ring-fence 3-4 slots for East Midlands based artists, and 1-2 for national artists with a general focus on theatre makers (rather than dance, music, live art etc). As a commitment toincreasing opportunities and support for all we always shortlist at least one project with a lead artist who identifies as BAME, from a non-British background, Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Queer, Gender diverse, from a working class background and D/deaf and Disabled people (including hidden disabilities). 

As the 2018 summer scratch takes place in National Refugee week we welcomed applications which look at migration and it’s wider themes so this was also considered within the shortlisting process.

The IGC team talks and meets with artists about their projects on a weekly basis and we’re also really aware of those who regularly engage with the wider programme, on occasion these artists, and the knowledge we have about their work and other support we might be, or have recently, offered informs whether or not they are shortlisted. 

We always get a lot of applications for our scratch nights and the process of deciding who is selected is a very difficult one, often with 3-5 members of staff feeding in, so we always encourage artists to apply again if they’ve not been successful on this occasion.

Running time: 
3 hours

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