Making and Believing
Friday 24 June 2022 - Saturday 25 June 2022

Babble a play with sound

An intimate, playful and surreal sound adventure with participation at its heart…

Mik & Kin are Sound Collectors.

Boxes of their favourite sounds have been checked, all ready to take home. But the boxes are not behaving – naughty giggles slip through the cracks and are causing chaos. Storms are raging and the sounds are unleashed.

Mik & Kin need your help to soothe the troubled storm with a lullaby and lure the giggle with new, enticing sounds.

Your voices will help create a new and unique piece of music that you get to take home!

Babble is presented as part of Making & Believing, an Early Years arts project led by Take Art (Somerset) in partnership with Surrey Arts and Derby Theatre, funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.