Beyond the Binary - Panel Discussion

Saturday 13 October 2018

Part of Camden People’s Theatre’s Come As You Are Festival

Saturday 13 October, 2pm

FREE - no need to book just turn up!

What if the world told you that you do not exist? For many gender non-conforming individuals, this is their reality. How does that relate to the world of performance?

Featuring a selection of panellists who identify as LGBTQ+, 'Beyond The Binary' discusses the navigation of the performing arts world for queer performers, and the obstacles they face in their fight for visibility.

Meet the Panellists

Liam-James Littlejohn is a writer and theatre-maker with a BA in Theatre Arts. Liam believes in making theatre accessible and creates theatre that accommodates queer bodies and voices.

Lucy Jane Parkinson (aka LoUis CYfer) is a British actor and drag king with an MA in contemporary performance making, and one of the cast of four in Milk Presents' brand new production, BULLISH.

Alex is a transmasculine non-binary actor. Alex uses he/him primarily, but believes gender is a spectrum and occassionally identifies more with non-binary than transgender. He is interested in portraying trans and non-binary people on stage and film and pushing for acceptance of more diverse bodies on stage.

Alex Etchart is a Queer, Anglo-Uruguayan community artist and composer. Raised in the South American folk tradition, Alex channels those sounds of fire and hope to amplify marginalised voices and social justice campaigns. Alex co-founded Sex Worker's Opera with Siobhan Knox, produces wartime radio and international street theatre with Teatro di Nascosto across the Middle East, and co-loads Sam Lee's direct action Fire Choir with 100 singers and counting.