Watch the animation films created by Becket, Bemrose and Firs Primary Schools as part of Reimagine film project

A new short documentary film has now been released alongside the final short films to showcase the process, which brought the schools and their families and communities back together and be creative following lockdown.

13 October

Dracula Q&A with director Andrew Quick: "The original novel haunts our story, but we’re really interested in Mina Harker"

As imitating the dog's Dracula: The Untold Story is set to arrive at Derby Theatre on its national tour, following fantastic reviews from the premiere at Leads Playhouse, get a taste of what to expect from the thrilling show in this Q&A.

4 October

Worlds of Wonder: Interview with Rhum and Clay on The War of the Worlds

About to embark on a national tour with their critically acclaimed production of The War of the Worlds, Rhum and Clay’s Matthew Wells and Julian Spooner tell us to expect laughter, visual thrills and even modern technology in their retelling of the ultimate alien invasion story.

24 August

Spotlight On... Abbey Hub: Interview with Tom Craig on the Reimagine project

Tom has been instrumental in delivering many of the Theatre's learning projects in schools and the community, working with young people as part of This Is Derby and Reimagine. Let's find out more...

25 February

The Importance of Community & Co-Creation - Interview with Derby Rises' Lead Artist Leo Kay (Part 2)

"The fact that the communities that we are engaging with in this specific process are not often afforded space to be seen and heard within contemporary urban culture, makes their engagement all the more important."

8 September

The Bakery of Slow Ideas - Interview with Derby Rises' Lead Artist Leo Kay (Part 1)

On Sunday 27 September, Derby Theatre will host its first event at the Theatre since March as part of the community project, Derby Rises.

8 September

Sarah Brigham gives an overview of Derby Rises

"Rather than just ‘bang out’ the same type of show to re-open the theatre, we knew we wanted to put the voices of our community front and centre..."

1 September

Looking Back at Look Back In Anger - DT Memory Box

For our final Memory Box show, we're heading all the way back to Spring 2016 for John Osborne's Look Back In Anger, our co-production with Octagon Theatre Bolton.

30 July

Looking Back at Abi - DT Memory Box

In this Memory Box, we back to Autumn 2018 with the Derby Theatre and Queen's Theatre Hornchurch production of Abi. Written by Atiha Sen Gupta and starring Safiyya Ingar.

23 July

How To Film Your Creation: Puppet Theatre Tutorial Week 5

In the fifth and final video in our puppet theatre tutorial series, watch how to film a music video or short film using your puppet theatre, set pieces, props and puppets. Part of #Reimagine2020: Family Creatives.

6 July

How to Create Action: Puppet Theatre Tutorial Week 4

In week four of our puppet theatre tutorials, watch how to create the action on stage, guided by theatre designer and artist Connie. Part of #Reimagine2020: Family Creatives.

30 June

How To Create Puppets: Puppet Theatre Tutorial Week 3

It's week three of our video tutorials! Watch how to create the puppets for your puppet theatre, guided by theatre designer and artist Connie. Part of #Reimagine 2020: Family Creatives.

22 June

How to Create Set: Puppet Theatre Tutorial Week 2

Watch your second #Reimagine 2020: Family Creatives ‘How To’ video, where you will learn how to create the set for your puppet theatre. Part of #Reimagine 2020: Family Creatives.

15 June

Looking Back at JOAN - DT Memory Box

For this week's Memory Box, in recognition of June being Pride Month and celebrating LGBTQ+ members of our communities and our brilliant associate company, Milk Presents, we are looking back at our co-production of JOAN.

11 June

How To Make A Puppet Theatre Tutorial - Week 1 - Reimagine 2020 Family Creatives

Welcome to your first #Reimagine 2020: Family Creatives ‘How To’ video. Brought to you by Artcore and Wrongsemble. Connie, a brilliant theatre designer and artist will guide through how to make your very own puppet theatre.

5 June

Digital Workshop Video: Making Protest Personal - Using Dialogue in Spoken Word & Scriptwriting

If you're interested in developing your scriptwriting skills, watch this workshop video with Derbyshire based poet

29 May

Looking Back at The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

Performed in Autumn 2014, look back at our production of Jim Cartwright's classic musical comedy. Since meeting on the production, actors Rebecca Brierley and Tom Meredith (who played Little Voice and her love interest, Billy) have got married. Watch their self-filmed snippet from the show at their home during lockdown.

21 May

Looking Back at Great Expectations - DT Memory Box

Performed in Autumn 2017, this ambitious staging of Charles Dickens' timeless novel is remembered for its creative use of real fire and water as part of the set design. Watch our behind-the-scenes playlist to see how the show was brought to life.

30 April