Stan, age 11, reviews Kes

Stan, aged 11, reviews Kes, Derby Theatre's latest home-grown production taking on the classic story of a young boy, Billy, who befriends a Kestrel – a tale which is ultimately set to end in tragedy.

7 October

Hope, age 18, reviews Kes

Hope, aged 18, reviews Derby Theatre's Kes. The classic story of the northern boy who, desperate to find a constant in a changing society and difficult family, seeks solace through finding and training a kestrel.

2 October

Dominic, age 15, reviews Kes

Kes is a story that has been well-loved by many since the film was released over 40 years ago in 1969. Sarah Brigham has done us proud by bringing this story to Derby and making it our own. Reviewed by Dominic, 15.

2 October

A Kes Review by Daisy Chell

Daisy, age 12, reviews Derby Theatre's Kes. The script was great, making you cry, making you laugh and making you smile. The story is so powerful, and this adaption is great. This show is a definite must-see.

2 October

Larry Waller reflects on his experiences as his placement comes to an end

Larry Waller sums up the final few days of his placement with us, including the first showing of Kes, the press night and the first preview today.

25 September

Larry Waller talks about the first dress rehearsal

‘I’m in tech’ – Tue 10 September Sitting in the theatre this morning taking in the process of focusing lights, dressing sets, hanging big washing lines with big pegs, painting, lif

13 September

Larry Waller on preparing for the tech and working with the Young Company

Fri 30 August Hello again. This week has been really busy in my real reality of normal work with Barnardo’s and I may have come to rehearsals for a bit of a rest…or so I thought.

12 September

Larry Waller on the final stages of rehearsals at Green Lane

21 and 22 August – Rehearsals with the Young Company Last year I adapted and directed a version of Nicholas Nickleby and there were moments where I thought my brains may d

10 September

Adrianna Mika on Kes rehearsals so far

Adrianna Mika, one of our second year Theatre Arts students, is shadowing Director Sarah Brigham as part of our Company Aside initiative.

6 September

Samantha Seager on Week 1 of Kes rehearsals

Samantha Seager, who plays Mrs Casper, talks about the first week of Kes rehearsals Well the first week of rehearsals for Kes flew by!

2 September

A Young Company member shares her experience of rehearsals

Kes features a group of young people who will play Billy's class mates, called the Young Company.

23 August

Sam Jackson on the differences between TV and theatre

Actor Sam Jackson (Alex from Skins) is playing Billy Casper in our production of Kes.

23 August

Larry Waller on Day 1 & 2

Larry Waller, who is shadowing Sarah Brigham, shares his thoughts on the first two days of rehearsals Read-through Now as an actor of some 20 plus years with some experience, the r

22 August

Jimmy Fairhurst on Day 1 & 2 of rehearsals

Actor Jimmy Fairhurst, who plays Jud in our upcoming production of Kes, shares his thoughts on the first two days of rehearsals.

22 August

Day 3 of Young Company Rehearsals for Kes

Just got home after day three and I’m was pretty tired after standing in for a variety of characters today and having to control, as the teacher, a room full of 30 noisy young cast members in the c

7 August

The beginning of Kes Young Company rehearsals

Morning before the first Young Company rehearsal

5 August

The first two days of Young Company rehearsals

Morning before first Young Company rehearsal ‘Daddy why are you sitting at your our computer in your pajamas?’ said Ben. What a good question.

5 August

Company Aside

Company Aside provides an opportunity to shadow the creative team during our produced shows.

2 August