Comedy and Movement Workshop - Staphanie Laing and Louisa Robey/ Discerning Nights

Artist Development , In Good Company
Wednesday 5 February 2020

This event is at Attenborough Arts Centre.

This workshop offers an insight into the collaborative process of interdisciplinary performers, Dancer Louisa Robey and Comedian Stephanie Laing.

We will explore the relationship between movement and comedy through a range of performance tasks in both process and performance.

Steph is a comedian and Louisa is a dancer, they've been working on a brand new show 'Flip Flop' where they explore the relationship between these two disciplines.

They’ve spent the last year teaching each other their respective skills, and working out the relationship between jokes and movement.

Can a pirouette be a punchline? Can Steph shake it with the best of them? Can Louisa tell a joke? Come and explore what they've learnt so far.




This event is at Attenborough Arts Centre

Suitability:  18+, students, artists, those with an interest in comedy and movement