Rachael Clerke & The Great White Males
Studio Theatre
Saturday 21 October 2017

A drag king punk gig about architecture and idealism! A dysto-utopian noise about The Man! A no-wave musical about how we ended up in this mess! Hosted by washed up architect / proto-god figure Archibald Tactful (2014 Ideastap Underbelly Award winner Rachael Clerke) accompanied by anti-virtuoso punk band The Great White Males, Cuncrete is a gratuitously sleazy and joyfully noisy critique of alpha-masculinity and the built environment. Expect original music, grotesque posturing, sharp suits and fresh cement.

Read a blog about Cuncrete here.

If are an artist and you want the chance to join Rachael Clerke for a workshop, find out about the In Good Company Punk Band Project workshop here.

Age guide: 14+