DadMan: The Bath-time Warrior

Notnow Collective
Saturday 22 July 2017

Present day, UK. Father walking down the street pushing a pram. He runs into a neighbour who remarks: “Giving Mum a day off?” Suddenly the ancient battle-horn is sounded, and the warriors are called to arms. Only, this battle turns out to be very different.

DadMan: The Bath-time Warrior is a story about surprise, shock, change and fireworks of love.

Developed by two Croatian mothers and performed by two British fathers, it’s aim is to search and recruit the warriors for a battle that no one ever fought till now.

An eclectic mix of fiction and science, intertwined by intimate stories and combined with an epic combat with vacuum cleaners.

Come with your other half; we promise you’ll fight afterwards!

This performance is baby friendly.

Part of Departure Lounge Festival 2017