DadMan: The Bath Time Warrior

a new show by Notnow Collective
Studio Theatre , One Night Events
Sunday 3 February 2019

DadMan is a warrior. He stands strong at the gates of an ideal Birth-Plan and sings the blues about Being The Only Man At A Parent And Baby Group. He courageously navigates the precipices of School Runs. DadMan enters the contest for the title of The Breadwinner armed with swords and Lego.

This show is partly quiz, partly story intertwined with live music and original songs, partly total fantasy where DadMan dives in and out of the bathtub, running into Trust, Breasts, Flexi –Hours, Soft Play Areas and Sex (not necessarily in that order, or at the same time!).

Finally, DadMan realises there is actually another, much bigger mountain to climb.

The show is created by two Mums and performed by two Dads. Mums did their best to let go of the control.

Notnow Collective specialise in baby-friendly work for adult audiences. Enjoy some adult-time, without the need to spend on a baby-sitter! Or, if you desire a baby-free experience, join us for the evening show!

Baby-Friendly Matinee with Baby Groove 'n' Show Session

Sunday 3 February 

Baby Groove Session at 12.30pm
Performance at 2pm

Enjoy time with your baby with great entertainment for you! We are inviting you and your baby (0-18months of age) to DadMan: The Bath Time Warrior.

Baby Groove’n’Show is a parent-baby session focusing on music, rhythm and play. It promises to provide as much fun for the parents as for the babies!

The session is led by Paul Carroll, a Birmingham based Dad and musician.  

The Baby Groove session is FREE when booking the baby-friendly matinee (show tickets £12/£10 concessions) but must be booked in advance. Book a place now by calling Box Office on 01332 59 39 39

“Notnow Collective are exploring an important and interesting issue in DadMan - the work-in-progress showing was by turns funny and genuinely moving. I look forward to seeing how the piece develops further.”
Paul Warwick, China Plate

“Felt beautifully honest. Great to see this angle on parenthood”
Audience member

“Fantastic performance – perfect balance of serious with funny”
Audience member

Accessible Performances

Captioned by Difference Engine: Sunday 3 February, 2:00pm & 6:00pm


Running Time: TBC