The Death Show

Studio Theatre , Plays and Drama
Saturday 6 July 2019

Death. A bit grim, isn't it? Morbid, macabre and even unmentionable, but does it have to be that way? 

Drawn together by their shared fear of death, 'thanatophobes'  Lucy  Nicholls and Antonia Beck invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, contemplation and courage. Take time to celebrate your own mortality, laugh, cry, stick two fingers up at the grim reaper and discover why talking about death is ultimately life affirming.   

Created in response to a provocative and unashamedly honest conversation about death, The Death Show looks to better understand our relationship with death and dying and why we struggle to accept our own mortality.

Written by Antonia Beck, Lucy Nicholls and Bernadette Russell 

Performed by Antonia Beck and Lucy Nicholls 

Directed by Bernadette Russell 


Running Time: 1 hour

Age Guide: 14+