DEparture Lounge Check-In 2016

DEparture Lounge is In Good Company’s flagship festival: uplifting audiences and helping artists take flight. The festival doesn't take-off until July 2016 but artists and audiences can check–in for the ride of their lives at this warm-up event at Attenborough Arts Centre, curated by In Good Company. A tasting menu of all DEparture Lounge has to offer, from innovative performances and insightful masterclasses to hook-ups and hang-outs with our creative community.

The Line-Up

Friday 15 April

11am-2pm: An In Good Company Graduate Associate Artist Experiment

A man and a woman are in prison. What did they do? Why did they do it? When was it done? Come and be placed one on one, and interview the man and woman. The content that is gathered from these interviews will be directly used to help create a 15 minute scratch performance, performed on Saturday’s Scratch That Itch event. This will be created within 24 hours of the final interview. Each interview will take 15 minutes. 

2-6pm: Workshop with Jack AG Britton

Jack A.G. Britton presents an exciting exploration into investigatory journalism, devising and documentary theatre.  

3-6pm: Leicester Arts Trade Fair

A chance to find about different theatre and performance platforms, activities and groups happening in and around Leicester. If you run something like this yourself please email to book a stall. 


6.30-7pm: Daniel Nicholas - 

If Tim Burton made a Stand Up Game Show it might be something a little like this... 



7-7.30pm: Stephen Thomas - Poetercize

Stephen Thomas

A high energy poetry game show where some of the region's best spoken word artists compete in a series of lyrical and physical challenges.



8-9pm: Bootworks Theatre - Now Listen to Me Very Carefully

BootworksImagine if you lived your life according to the values set out in the movie Terminator 2.

Made with help from Andy’s mum, dad and 3-year-old niece, Bootworks Theatre’s new interactive show is a chaotic recreation of the film; about Andy and his life-long obsession with Terminator 2.

Using stand-up comedy, storytelling and participation Andy will transport the audience back to that delicate age when girls were a mystery, make believe was everything, and the future was yet to be written.

“An exciting, all-action, night-time performance that will save you – go with them if you want to live.” ★★★★ Time Out

Saturday 16 April 


11am-12pm: Audience Chat Club

Grab yourself a breakfast butty and join In Good Company for a good old natter about last night’s headline performance ‘Now Listen to Me Very Carefully’. A chance to talk high brow art darling…or in other words shout about the bits you loved or curse the bits you didn’t.  

12-2pm: Workshop with Bootworks Theatre

Ever watched a movie blockbuster and wanted to play the lead? Ever longed to crack Indiana’s whip, wear Mowgli’s infamous little red pants or fly to infinity and beyond? Now’s your chance! Andy and James of Bootworks Theatre are offering a 2-hour practical workshop in which they discuss their experiences of working with film to inform their theatre work; sharing practical advice and tips for how you might make your own theatre homages to cult cinema. The workshop will focus upon interactivity, game-play and autobiographical story-telling and is suitable for anybody with an interest in performance and/or film.  

For ages: 16 +

2-5pm: Playshuffle

PlayShuffle is an open mic night for new writing, designed to lift plays off the page so they can stand on their own two feet. Actors can stretch their sight-reading muscles; producers and directors test their ability to sniff out potential and playwrights hear their work for the first time. Please visit for more info on how to take part  


5-6pm: Stone - Rehearsed Reading

Stone is a look at a world not so different from ours, where humankind's reliance on everyday technology is finally having real impacts on life as we know it...


 7-10pm: Scratch That Itch 

An eclectic mix of artists present new performance ideas, with the audience getting a chance to offer their thoughts on how these seeds of creation might grow into fully-fledged shows. With comedy from Ishi Khan-Jackson and contemporary performance from LaPelle’s Factory, Jane English and IGC Graduate Associates this is an action packed evening of new work!


LaPelle’s Factory  - Desperado

Let someone in







Ishi Kahn Jackson - I’m Migrant!

Ishi BriZamdian? Indian ancestors, Zambian born, calling Britain home. Join Ishi in this exhilarating adventure of migration, belonging and mischief!!







Jane English

Jane English 20B

20B documents the regeneration of the estate Jane grew up on & unearths the stories of its displaced community.



In Good Company Graduate Associates - Cell Trapped

Based on 1-2-1 performances carried out with audience members on day one of the festival, our graduate associates have spent 24 hours creating a short scratch performance exploring our relationship to criminals and the prison system.


All events in Departure Lounge Check-In Festival operate on a Pay What You Decide basis. This means there is no set ticket price and instead you, the audience/participant, decide what you would like to pay for it. Sometimes this may be dictated by what you can afford and sometimes by what you think your experience was worth. All income goes to the artists performing so we hope you will give generously.


You can book day passes in advance online or over the phone. Events have varying capacities and sign up sheets will be available on the day for each one. Do turn up early to sign up to ensure your space!

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