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Saturday 12 December 2020

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Tune into the best pre-recorded work from the past 7 months on Saturday 12 December.  Follow @IngoodcoEM on FacebookTwitter and Instagram channels throughout the day as they are turned into digital stages! 

Me, Nic & Jo by Meander Theatre

Instagram Stage

Meander Theatre present an extract of Me, Nic & Jo, a story of 3 disabled women making, breaking and mending a friendship. Each have had to cope with challenging situations in childhood and as adults. We meet them at a time when they are grappling with how their changing lives are impacting on their once close friendship.

Follow IGC’s Instagram story throughout the day to interact with the cast and share your own friendship stories.

Header Image Credit: Meander Theatre at Nottingham Playhouse Amp Night by Fraser Youngson

Aidy's Awesome Adventures by The Gramophones

Aidy’s Awesome Adventure by The Gramophones

Facebook Stage: 9:30am

Can Aidy and her Granny defeat the story eater and release the stories? They are going to need your help to do it.

Photo: Aidy's Awesome Adventure by The Gramophones

Ish... by Georgie Jones

Twitter Stage: 11:30am 

Georgie Jones is 27 and has finally cracked what it means to be a woman... just kidding! She’s haphazardly stumbling through adulthood trying to figure it out.

Shadow City Chronicles

Shadow City Chronicles by Lewis Doherty

Twitter Stage: 3pm

Set in the fictional neon-soaked world of the critically acclaimed and awarding winning solo Theatre show 'WOLF'. Lewis Doherty plays every single character in this cyberpunk series, from ex-cons to high school hall monitors.

Don’t Leave Me This Way by Zoo Indigo

Twitter Stage: 5pm

Zoo Indigo search for their Irish, German, Hungarian and Czech roots in a Brexit-ridden Britain, auditioning for a motherland through a series of citizenship catwalks to live music.

User Not Found by Dante Or Die

Facebook Stage: 7pm

What happens to your digital life after you die? If there was a magic button, would you delete your online existence?