Reimagine 2020 - Creative Reponses

As part of #Reimagine2020 we're asking young people aged 13-25 to share their creative responses to how they would reimagine their life or the world different when lockdown ends.

Take a look at all the fantastic responses we've received so far on this page and don't forget to send us your responses and help spread the word! 

Drawing by Mari Hawman

Reimagine 2020 Creative Response - Drawing 1

Monologue by Imogen Uphill

Short Comedy Film by Thomas Moore

Songs, Poems & Stories

When It's Over - Song by Lucy James

I take back what I said before,
I don't know what we control
I fear what's beyond these four walls,
But alone we grow 

So take what's left,
Hold it to your chest,
Just to feel some magic in this mess,
Although I know...

I feel like I'm chasing doubt cos everytime I think about,
The hurt, it's all I see
When it's over I will show you love like I have only told you
But first, I won't let this take over me 

The silence speaks for something more
Than I know, and it shows
Cant hold my head so self-assured
Tomorrow wont let go

Do I know what's best?
Take a moment's rest
But I need to live outside my head
I know, we grow...

I feel like I'm chasing doubt cos everytime I think about
The hurt, it's all I see
When it's over I will show you all the love I only told you,
I wont let this take over me

I feel like I'm chasing doubt cos everytime I think about
The hurt, it's all I see
When it's over I will show you love like I have only told you,
I wont let this take over me

Elephants by Frank Wilson-Caines

An epigram for a better world.

On my table at home I have a herd of wooden elephants. I’ve collected them all over several years, some I bought myself, others were gifted to me and then some I found upside down in a skip. I brought them all together, to live on my table.

Each one is different, crafted by a different hand, made in a different place, they all look different. At first they didn’t get on at all, they couldn’t see past their differences. Often they would fight, many would be seriously hurt, some broken beyond repair.

But then something happened. Something tragic that affected them all and they were forced to work together to overcome it. That’s when they realised that, yes, they are all different, all unique, but they are also all the same, all made from wood.

Now they don’t care where the other is from, China, Thailand, England or Sudan, they couldn’t care less. They don’t care if the other is bigger than them, smaller than them, weird looking or weird sounding. They don’t bat an eyelid if they see an elephant of a different colour, red, yellow, rainbow coloured, the usual grey.

And when a new elephant arrives, they don’t push them away, they accept them into the herd with open arms. They all get on in what one could describe as a certain harmonious tranquillity.

This newfound willingness to accept all that is different is a beautiful thing, we shouldn’t shun others because they are bigger than us, redder than us or because they are from a different place.

One thing you’ve got to understand, is that we’re all the human race.   

By Frank Wilson-Caines

I Imagine Poem by Chiara Fappiano  

I imagine people waking up in the morning
Being able to go outside
To be able to get in the car,
And go for a real fun ride

Doing what they want
Without wearing those masks
Not to have to queue for miles
When doing the simplest of tasks!

I Imagine people seeing friends in real life
Where they don’t always freeze on a call
They probably have grown up so much
They will say “Wow you’re so tall!”

For schools to be open for children
Who won’t miss Mum’s teaching, EVER
They will see all their teachers and friends
Who they never want to leave again. NO NEVER!

I imagine them to be able to watch the news
To not be always so scared
Even though I know I (as the world)
Have always been well prepared.

I can’t wait for this to be done
To appreciate people who care
How much longer have we got to wait?
“Hello old world my friend are you there?”

I know I am supposed to protect you
I really want the virus to go away
For a wonderful world that I will be again
We just have to wait for that day.

What I imagine, is it too much?
Virus, I will tell you what I want from you
Please can your leave us alone
That’s what I’d like you to do.

Love from the World xxxxx

I imagine poem by Chiara Fappiano

Through My Window Poem by Amelia Banks

If Covid-19 hadn’t come around, what would I be doing now,
Staring through a pane of glass, at the beautiful, blossoming, green land mass,

I definitely wouldn’t be stuck at home, moping and bored and all alone,
I’d be out with my best of friends, laughing and playing until the day ends,

I wouldn’t be sat here staring at the sky, watching time pass me by,
I’d be up that tree, touching the clouds, above the towns and bustling crowds,

I wouldn’t be wondering what to do, face a frown and feeling blue,
I’d be exploring the great beyond, on daring adventures and having fun,

My 18th birthday would have been better, hugging my family instead of reading a letter,
I would be partying all night long, dancing wildly and singing funny songs,

I wouldn’t be struggling to complete college tasks, pacing the house and wearing silly masks,
I’d have my friends to help me out, those girls I cannot live without,

But maybe this is for the best, the Earth is finally getting a rest,
So, I’ll wait patiently to go outside again, and watch the world from this side of the pane.

Poem by Sam Porter

When I’ve been feeling depressed, I’ve been feeling low.
My anxiety’s creeping in, I don’t want to be alone.
Butterflies in my belly, not ready to leave my home. 
My emotions are driving me crazy and I shouldn’t be alone.

I stare at my clock, hours that have past me by...
I’m wondering when things will stop, so that the world doesn’t go to pop.
They tell me, "This will soon be over, All you need do is fight."
But what they seem to forget is, after each day comes the night and the uncertainty still remains.

And so I act along.
I play my part.
While facing this pandemic.
Slowly breaks my heart.

Poem Collection by Kai Bools

Kai Bools Reimagine Poem Response

Kai Bools Reimagine Poem Response

Prom Movie by Molly Carter


Reimagine 2020 Creative Response - Drawing 2

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