Theatre for the Family - Activities To Try At Home

Looking for something to keep your children entertained at home? Stay connected with Derby Theatre and have a go at the activities below, all themed to our family friendly productions, then share your creations with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

We'll be updating the page regularly so check back soon for more!

Aladdin - Three Wishes Drawing Competition

You could win tickets to our next festive family show, Aladdin.

To enter, your children should take part in our home school art class by drawing the three things they would wish for if they had Aladdin’s magic lamp.

You can download and print our template or use plain paper. Once finished, take a picture of the work and send it to us by commenting on our Facebook post.

We've extended the deadline until Friday 31 July - plenty of time to complete your drawings!

Don’t forget to choose your wishes carefully, you only get three. We can’t wait to see them!

Aladdin activity sheet

Creative Exercises and Drama Games

Tongue Twisters

Derby Theatre's Young Artist and Participation Producer Sam George talks us through some tongue twisters to try at home. A creative exercise used by many actors to warm up their voices and improve their diction. Grab the family and give it a go!

Check back soon for more.

Drama Games - COMING SOON

Need some inspiration for games to play as a family? Check back soon for instructions on some popular drama games we play during our youth theatre sessions.


Create Your Own Pirate Names

Ahoy, maties! Treasure Island may sadly have been cancelled but we're determined to make the ship sail again.

Join Long John Silver's crew and help us prepare by creating and commenting with your very own pirate names!

Treasure Island - Pirate Name Generator

COMING SOON: Treasure Island -  How To Sign the Chorus of 'A Sailorin' We Go'

Check back soon to watch our actors and community company sing and sign the chorus to the song " A Sailorin' We Go" from Treasure Island. Then have a go yourselves!


Hansel & Gretel - Home Sweet Home Singalong

Stay Home... Home Sweet Home. Sing-a-long with the Hansel & Gretel cast in this throwback song rehearsal video. Turn on captions to learn the lyrics!

The fan favourite song, Home Sweet Home, is one of many earworms by the Composer and Sound Designer of our festive productions, Ivan Stott.

Activity and Puzzle Sheets

Activity and Puzzle Sheets

Download and print these themed activity sheets from our family productions for fun puzzles to solve, pictures to colour and more! 

Hansel & Gretel - Puzzle Selection

Hansel & Gretel - Confusing Confectionary Anagram Puzzle

Hansel & Gretel - How To Bake Your Own Gingerbread House

Peter Pan - Puzzle Selection

Peter Pan - Awful Acroustics Puzzle


The Jungle Book - Fingerspelling & BSL Sign Names

In Easter 2019, The Jungle Book was Derby Theatre's first in-house production with integrated British Sign Language and Captioning. Learn the fingerspelling alphabet and find out more about sign names using the resources below.

DOWNLOAD - Fingerspelling Alphabet & Create Your Own BSL Sign Name

DOWNLOAD - Fingerspelling Wordsearch and Activity Selection 
(Wordsearch requires fingerspelling alphabet below)

Try the Sign Language Forum's BSL Fingerspelling Challenge

BSL Fingerspelling Alphabet

WATCH The Jungle Book cast show us their sign names and have a go at creating your own. Download and read this sheet for more information on sign names. 

Fact Files To Read

Treasure Island - A Pirate's Life For Me

Ever wanted to be a pirate? Read our fun facts about what life was really like when saling the seven seas!

The Jungle Book - Animal Fact File

The Jungle Book features animals native to India, where author Rudyard Kipling set his story. In the magical world of his book, these animals can talk, but what do you know about the real-life creatures they’re based on? Take a look at some of the fascinating facts behind the characters. 

Send A Letter In A Bottle To Peter Pan

Write a letter to Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, and ask him about his adventures in Neverland. Here's Peter answering some of the questions children have already sent him...


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood - Care Packages for Grandparents

In Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red delivers cake and wine in a basket to cheer her Grandma up.

We all might not be able to see our grandparents or other family members at the moment but your children could show they are thinking of them and draw a picture of the 'care package' they would give to them, with all their favourite things, if they could.

Goldilocks - Recycling

Goldilocks and The Three Bears - Recycling Craft Activities

In our production, the Three Bears house was made up of entirely recycled materials. Why not have a go at making something creative with your children using only recycled and upcycled items from around your home? Check out this site for 75 recycled art projects for kids