Ambassadors at Derby Theatre

Derby Theatre is alive with exciting ways for audiences, people and communities to get involved.  We are looking for people who would like to connect with us on an ambassadorial level, to help us spread the word about a range of opportunities the Theatre offers.

Ambassadorial activities include:

  • Taking out posters and flyers for different events and productions to different areas and places in the community.
  • Spreading the word, via word of mouth, to target groups and individuals for a specific event, production or initiative.
  • Actively talking about Derby Theatre (and its many strands of work) via social media.
  • Blogging and vlogging opportunities – where individuals would be able, and happy, to write, or do a short video, about a particular production, event or initiative at Derby Theatre – that they could share with their friends, contacts and networks – as well as it being posted on the Derby Theatre website and outputted via our social media communication channels.

Benefits for ambassadors

  • Being invited to the Opening Night of Derby Theatre produced shows and selected visiting shows.
  • Free tickets to any show that an ambassador specifically works on and promotes.
  • An invite to a twice yearly ambassador group meet-up – where all ambassadors will get together at the Theatre, have some refreshments and discuss ambassadorial activity (what has worked well, not so well, sharing ideas for the scheme etc.)

If you, or someone you know, are interested in becoming an ambassador for Derby Theatre, please email Cheryl Mitchell at Derby Theatre

Please include your name, email address and home address;  whether you are associated with a particular group or organisation in the area; What kind of ambassadorial opportunity you are interested in.