Confidence Groups

The question of self-esteem is one that weaves itself in to the fibers of our lives from a very young age.  Studies have concluded that men tend to have higher self‐confidence than women and this can present barriers to getting on in life. This year, working in partnership with Derby dult Learning Service as part of the Blue Sky Project, we launched a Women's Group to allow women to build their self confidence. Pauline Gill, who has been attending these workshops, spoke about what they meant to her.

Following the success of our Women's Group, we introduced a Men's Group in May 2016, with participants taking part in a series of bespoke workshops developing leadership skills and confidence. 

Caroline Barth (Head of Learning at Derby Theatre) said: “This is a great opportunity for people who may not even have even considered the arts to be for them. This is not about learning to act! It’s been proven that theatre and drama techniques can have a really positive impact on people’s confidence and well-being.” 

We will be announcing details of more Confidence Groups soon