Final Creative Responses from #Reimagine2020 Digital Project

Local young people have been working in one of six teams out of filmmaking, theatre, dance, music, writing or graffiti art during lockdown as part of the 5-week online Reimagine Project, ran with DCEP partners Déda and BabyPeople.

Working alongside top professional Midlands artists over Zoom, they haved produce creative responses to explore the positive changes from the Covid-19 lockdown and how it has enabled people to see and understand the world differently.

Below are the final responses from each group which were shared at a socially distanced event at Derby Central Library on Monday 20 July. 

If you would like to find out more about the Reimagine Project and the Future Creatives programme, please contact Derby’s Cultural Education Producer Alix Manning-Jones:

Dance Group

Future Creatives: Autumn Beddoe, Olivia Charlton, Chiara Fappiano, Jocelyn Johnson, Ana Raquel Das Santos Agevedo, Matilda Rowland and Phebe Smith.

Led by artists Gareth Woodward and Daniel Longhurst.

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Music Group

Future Creatives: Hannah Clapham, Jasmine Curzon, Sarah Lane, Nicholas Merrick, Kaiya McCoy and Matteo Pancisi.

Led by artists Rukus and Lucy James.

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Filmmaking Group

Future Creatives: Molly Carter, Jenna Clark, Harry Kenyon, Izzy Massie, Olivia Merrick, Thomas Moore, Jas Nolan, Joanna Saw and Judith Wicks.

Led by artists Joel Csanyi BSc and Omar Khan.

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Graffiti Art Group

Future Creatives: Amy Bradbury, Georgia Quinn and Chloe Williams.

Led by artist Tim 'Onga' Weeden.

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Writing and Theatre Groups

Writing Future Creatives: Anisa Archer, Achusla Bolger, Kai Bools, Renaya Dhillon, Molly Draper, Ruth Denny, Karen Turnbull, Frank Wilson-Caines and Lauren Winson.

Theatre Future Creatives: Amelia Banks, Jessica Bates-Mcintyre, Robert Boyle, Dylan Bull, Thomas Davis, George Frost-Gilbert, Daisy Scarffe, Hannah Spencer, Brianna Undy and Imogen Uphill.

Writing led by artists Simon Marshall and Sophie Bloor, Theatre led by Elvi Piper, Samantha Rushton and Sam George.

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