Vlogs & Blogs from #Reimagine2020 Digital Project

Young people across Derby have been busy taking part in a 5 week Reimagine creative project based around reimagining a future post Covid-19.

Working with 6 artists, the young people have been working with leading professionals specialising in the areas of writing and performing, devising and theatre making, film making, dance and movement, music or graffiti to create their response around the theme #Reimagine2020. 

Watch and read below about their experiences of taking part in the Reimagine creative project so far.

Graffiti Art Group - Vlog by Amy Bradbury

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Theatre Group - Vlog by Jessica Bates Mcintyre

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Dance Group - Vlog by Matilda Rowland

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Writing Group - Blog by Lauren Winson

As part of the Reimagine 2020 writing group, I have begun working on an audio narrative about a character who is on a train journey to go on a blind date. The theme for the audio narratives is ‘furthest from someone or something’. In the coming weeks, I’m looking forward to developing a distinct voice for my character. One of the things we have been discussing during our weekly video calls is ways to represent how our character is furthest from someone/something in our writing, so I’m going to be thinking about how to portray the character’s physical and emotional distance from their date, who they are going to meet for the first time.  

Each week we are set a challenge to help us develop our piece of writing- in the first week we had to write about a location that is special to us, but from the perspective of a character. This week we have developed a backstory for our character by creating a dating profile for them. Simon, who leads the writing group, then ‘matched’ our different character profiles, giving us a new challenge in incorporating this additional character into our narrative.  

Every Friday we have a group video call and it’s become the highlight of my week during lockdown! Writing can feel a bit isolating sometimes, especially whilst we’re house-bound, so seeing my fellow writers on screen has been hugely enjoyable. I’ve already learnt lots about my skills and areas for development as a writer and I’ve been introduced to a plethora of poets, playwrights and authors through our video discussions.

My background is predominantly as a poet, so writing an audio narrative has been an exciting direction to take my writing in. This week’s video call involved the playwright Jane Upton as a guest and her advice on developing characters and their backstory beyond a scene has helped me think about how I can express the theme of being furthest from someone/something in my audio narrative. I’ve been learning about the importance of character and voice during the project, and in the future weeks I’m looking forward to working with the drama and film groups to record my narrative and see the character be brought to life!

In the future, I’d love to continue working with Derby Theatre on their arts projects and collaborating with other writers in our group. Being part of this project has encouraged me to think about pursuing other forms of writing behind poetry and continue exploring audio narratives and plays.