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To enquire about any aspect of our Learning Programme, please email: All of our workshops can be tailored for Special Educational Needs Schools at primary or secondary level.


Learning Theatre - Secondary School Workshops

We have developed a highly successful programme of workshops to complement our productions that are suitable for GCSE and A Level students who are looking for live theatre experiences to draw upon for their courses.

The following workshops will be available alongside our productions of Macbeth and Crongton Knights.


A chance to see the actors replay key moments from the show, but this time with direction from your students.

Playback helps GCSE and A-level students with their live theatre review as they explore the considerations behind character, story and production elements.

Suitable for: KS3 – KS5

Duration: 45 minutes (including a short break post performance)

Cost: Free when you book to see the show.

Production and Interpretation Workshop

An insight into the production elements that went into making the show. This can be helpful for GCSE/A Level Drama Live

Review and builds students’ knowledge and understanding of how text is communicated and interpreted.

Suitable for: KS4 - KS5

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £160

Exploring the Text Workshop

Students will work with both script and improvisation to understand the features of this classic piece, practically exploring text, themes and characters to support with those studying the text(s) for GCSE English Literature.

Suitable for: KS4 - KS5

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £160

Pathways to Careers and Further Education

Free Workshops

We aim to create as many accessible pathways to careers and higher education for everyone. As part of this we offer exciting in-school workshops tailored to explore the undergraduate degree courses we host here at the theatre through the University of Derby.

The BA (Hons) Theatre Arts, BA (Hons) Costume and Set Design and BA (Hons) Technical Theatre courses support young people with their steps into employment.

Students work directly with professional theatre practitioners and our University tutors to get a hands-on experience working in the UK’s only professional producing and learning theatre.

The in-school workshops will be offered each term, culminating in a Careers Day here at the theatre, for all schools involved to explore the venue itself.

Suitable for: Year 8 – FE

Cost: Free

Dates: Please enquire

To book please email: Cheryl Mitchell at

Careers Day

Learning Theatre - Careers Day

See backstage and meet the professionals who work across all the departments.  Learn about the broad range of career paths in theatre, experience what our staff do and find out how they became invovled in professional theatre work.

Suitable for: KS3, 4 & 5

Cost: £6 a head

Duration: Whole day

Min pupils: 30   Max pupils:  60

Backstage Tour

A great introduction to theatre. From the dressing rooms to the fly floor, come and take a look into the backstage world of theatre.

Both these sessions are perfect for Arts Awards.

Suitable for KS 3, 4 & 5

Cost: £2 per head

Duration: 1 hour

Maximum capacity: 30 pupils

Shakespeare in Practice

These workshops will provide students with practical approaches to explore ways to unlock Shakespeare's language and bring the text to life. As either a first introduction or a deeper study of a chosen plays language, characters and theme we can tailor them to meet your learning objectives.

You can choose from the following workshops:

First Encounter Workshop: An introduction to a Shakespeare play

Exploration Workshop: A deeper study into a Shakespeare play, unpicking key speeches ans scenes.

Suitable for: KS3, 4 & 5 (Can also be used as a GSCE revision aid) 

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £5 per head

Max capacity: 30

Arts Award Day

Build Derby Theatre into your plans for Arts Award for all levels. Discover the theatre and find out about professional artists. We'll inspire yoru pupils here, giving them the knowledge they need to complete their award.

Suitable for KS 3, 4 & 5

Cost and duration is flexible depending on your needs. Please enquire.

Work Experience

Learning Theatre - Work Experience

Derby Theatre has some great work placement opportunities for people of all ages.  

Work Experience Placements - Years 10

Applications for Year 10 placements are now open. Complete the application form and return to before the closing date of Friday 15 November 2019.

Download Application Form

Our work experience placements are designed to offer an overview of the organisation, giving you an insight into the broad range of careers in theatre which are available. You will get the chance to move around the theatre, spending time in the different departments and lead on your own small theatre project, which will vary depending on the activities at the theatre in the time you visit us.

Please Note: our work experience placements are very popular and students will go through a competitive process to secure their placement. Please complete and return the application form by the deadline and if successful, you will be invited to attend an informal interview. As we cannot guarantee a place, please ensure you have another option as a backup.  

College, University and Drama School Placements

Derby Theatre offer a number of ongoing placements for those looking specifically for a placement as part of a course at college, university or drama school. This placement will be bespoke to your needs and designed with the Learning Team and appropriate members of staff.

Our college, university and professional placements are now closed. 

Costume & Wardrobe Assistant Work Experience A-level or College Placements.

Derby Theatre offers a number of ongoing placements for those looking specifically for a placement exploring Costume & Wardrobe at A-Level, BTEC or 6th Form and College Level.    This placement will be bespoke to your needs and organised to take place during our Costume Department’s most demanding time(s) of the year in preparation for our productions. We have provided dates below, applicants are required to choose one which is most suitable for them. 

Applications are currently closed. Please check back soon.