A Good Neet Aht

Studio , Drama
Friday 22 November 2019 - Saturday 23 November 2019

 Phil Green is looking for something. He’s looking for a North.  A North that he doesn’t know exists. 

He can find in on a map but he’s looking for a lived North, an experienced North. But it’s a North that sits in his memory. 

So, he admits, it might be a sentimental North; it might even be an uncomfortable North.  He can’t claim it to be an accurate North, a true North or a contemporary North.  But it’s his North.

Join Phil in his journey as he recreates beer ads we have loved, the 1968 Rugby League Challenge Cup final, under-16s disco night at the Mecca ballroom, Wakefield, and his mum and dad’s silver wedding party. 

This show is about the places we grow up in and the traces they may or may not leave.

Phil locked himself in a studio and started telling stories to a camera about growing up in a northern pit village. 

What we end up with is a rollercoaster ride through his childhood and youth in a celebration of working class culture that also raises a worried eyebrow at some of the more uncomfortable aspects of this background.

Age guide 16+ due to strong language