Great Expectations

Behind the Scenes - Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes footage of when we created our initial images for Great Expectations! We do shoots well in advance and then re-shoot with the cast nearer the time... Have you seen these images on posters and your brochure?

Behind the Scenes - Trailer shoot

Ever wondered what happens when we film one of our trailers, have a look at this...

Behind the Scenes - Marketing

Marketing and Press Manager, Heidi McKenzie, tell us more about the marketing of Great Expectations, focusing on the photo and trailer shoots.

Behind the Scenes - The first day of rehearsals

Find out what the cast got up to on their first day! From a meet and greet, script read through, a look at the set and costume designs, a tour and more!

Behind the Scenes - Wardrobe

Our Head of Wardrobe, Tim, tells us about the costuming process for a show, from design to tech week, challenges with period costumes, maintenance of pieces, and more!

Behind the Scenes - Rehearsals

Have a look at what the cast have been up to on their first week of rehearsals...

Behind the Scenes - Props

Our Stage Management team tell us about how they are sourcing and making props for Great Expectations, including the legendary Miss Havisham wedding cake.

Behind the Scenes - Set Design

Our designer for Great Expectations, Barney George, tells us about the influences behind the set, how he works with the director, Sarah Brigham, and more!

Behind the Scenes - Directing

We caught up with director, Sarah Brigham, to find out what she's looking forward to and more!

Behind the Scenes - Tech Week 2

Check out the highlights from the second half of tech week here! Including snippets of props and costumes!

Behind the Scenes - Stage Management

We caught up with Stage Manager, Beth, who talks us through the different Stage Management roles, how things work on tech week and more snippets from the show!

Behind the scenes - Music

Find out about the music for Great Expectations and how composer, Ivan Stott goes about creating a score for a show.

Behind the Scenes - Stage Combat

Hear about some of the fight scenes in Great Expectations with Fight Director, Ian Stapleton...

Behind the Scenes - Fire and Water

Our Production Manager, Phil, talks us through the theatrical effects of water and fire that are used in the show...

Behind the Scenes - Get Ready With Us

Join Polly Lister and Ella Vale in their dressing room as they get ready for a performance of Great Expectations.

Derby Theatre Great Expectations: The making of a play

A look at the process of creating a stage play at Derby Theatre, from the first reading of the script, to working with the creative team, to directing actors.