A Curious Monkey & Northern Stage co-production
Drama , Entertainment
Wednesday 22 April 2020 - Thursday 23 April 2020

Four seasons, four people, from four corners of the world, and a teenage girl’s message in the sky.

The strange city folds and unfolds around them, like a maze of paper: a story that opens up like a book to get lost in. They haven’t found the ending yet, but they know it will have to be something extraordinary.

A powerful new play by Lindsay Rodden, HERE is about finding sanctuary in the unlikeliest of places. About dancing on rooftops, blossom in winter, and re-writing the story of the city as your own.

About two best friends with a library card, and the power they summon through friendship and books to make something magical. To say WE WERE HERE.

HERE  is part of The Arriving Project, Curious Monkey’s ongoing work with people seeking sanctuary in the North East and Derby.


Age Guidance: 12+ 

Contains: swearing, references to home office interviews and the experiences of people who have had to leave their home country to seek asylum in the UK, projection throughout and flashing lights/images in some scenes (not strobes)