I’m Sticking with You

Pebble Gorge
Friday 20 July 2018

Part of Departure Lounge Festival 2018

Friday 20 & Saturday 21 July
Customs (near Box Office)

Drop in between events -15 min slots throughout the day from 9am - 8pm

Please Note: Captioned showings must be booked in advance. Available at 10:30am & 7pm on 20 July and 11am & 4:30pm.

You sit at the table. You put on the headphones. You look out from the white cliffs, across the blue sea and to the person sitting opposite.
 Do you stick with them?

 Or do you want to leave?

Using binaural recording, the voice of an unreliable guide darts between your ears, pulling you towards a decision. This guide is charming, persuasive and reassuring – but are they leading you the wrong way?

I’m Sticking With You is a 15-minute, table-top performance which puts you at the centre. With just a box of characters and some simple instructions, the play delivers an experience of some of the feelings that have been running high in the UK since Brexit. Whose voice do we listen to? How do we know what’s right for us? 

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Running time: 
15 minutes