I Am England/Spoonface Steinberg

Derby Theatre Youth Theatre present
Youth Theatre
Thursday 28 July 2016 - Saturday 30 July 2016

A double bill by Derby Theatre Youth Theatre.

Derby Theatre Youth Theatre (14-16)
by David Lane

Bankrupt, isolated and in a state of collapse, a once-proud nation falls apart. Nostalgic for empire and thirsty for revenge, a small-town politician presents a hero to the masses: a poster-boy for conscription. The future of the nation hangs in the balance, but those in power must confront the truth of who they are - and who they might become.

Inspired by Shakespeare's Coriolanus, I Am England offers a unique perspective on political power and social justice from the generation whose stories are yet to be written.

Derby Theatre Youth Theatre (17-19)
By Lee Hall

"And what was the meaning of all these things? And the meaning was as if you found the spark - and it was finding the sparks inside you and setting them free"

An award-winning play about faith, love and the meaning of life. From the writer of Billy Elliot and Cooking with Elvis, Spoonface Steinberg is a poetic exploration into the world of a young person diagnosed with autism and cancer.

Recommended age for both plays - 11+

Ticket price includes both productions


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