James Rowland - Storytelling

Workshops and Learning , Artist Development
Thursday 17 October 2019

 Join James Rowland in his workshop Storytelling.

James will share how he goes about putting together a story and how to perform it.

Ideas and themes that he'll cover will include:

- how to start working on your story and build a universe.

- combining dramatic structure and improvisation to get the best out of both.

- who to get in the room to help you.

- how to get the audience listening and then how to take them on a journey

- and a range of practical writing tips based on his experiences as a writer and solo performer. 

James Rowland is one of the UK's leading storytellers, best known for his trilogy SONGS OF FRIENDSHIP (Team Viking, A Hundred Different Words for Love and Revelations), which have toured nationally and internationally over the last four years, winning multiple awards and lovely reviews. 

The workshop attendees will have access to a free ticket to the artists performance in the evening at Attenborough Arts Centre