KIN: Dance That Connects Us

National Dance Company Wales presents
Community Events , Dance
Tuesday 5 May 2020

It brings people, families, friends, clubs, teams, tribes and communities together.

NDCWales perform poetry, sport and politics across three powerful pieces of dance.

Rygbi: Yma / Here not Rygbi: Annwyl / Dear  is uplifting: full of hope, glory and camaraderie. It celebrates the pride and passion that rugby players and fans experience together.

Lunatic  is an energetic riot. It is fun, relevant and fired up. It smashes together 30’s music and style with 90’s pop-culture. First shown 10 years ago it is fuelled by questions surrounding nationality, gender and class.

2067: Time and Time and Time  is elegant. Dancers reveal a shimmering poem about the relationship between the history of time and the poetry of destiny.

Get Involved

Watch Dance Class - Tuesday 5 May, 12:45pm - 2:00pm  - FREE (booking is essential)

Get a unique behind-the-scenes look at how dancers prepare just hours before a show. 

You can observe, sketch, record and photograph their daily dance class.

Perfect for dance students, artists, photographers and anyone interested in peeking behind the curtain.

Discover Dance - Wednesday 6 May, 1:00pm - Tickets £6

Discover Dance is a fun and relaxed interactive performance. Try some dance, then watch the professionals in action.

Discover Dance is ideal for schools and families.

Get the chance to dance on stage with our dancers, ask questions and learn a some moves from the show.

You’ll then get to watch National Dance Company Wales’ performance of Rygbi: Yma / Here not Rygbi: Annwyl / Dear.

It’s a joyous and creative experience. Young people leave feeling inspired and enthusiastic, more confident and creative.




Age guide: 12+


Prices from: £16

Concessions: £14 for Under 26's