The man who flew into space from his apartment

Michael Pinchbeck
Saturday 26 September 2015

The first thing to do if you ever find yourself suddenly expelled into the vacuum of space is exhale.

The T in T minus stands for test. This is a test. This is an immersive slideshow inspired by an installation by the Russian artist Ilya Kabakov. There is a guest performer. There is an audience of ten people. The guest performer follows instructions on headphones they have never heard before. The performance draws on notions of escape and makes a journey, like Kabakov, between east and west, flying and falling, attempt and failure. It questions an understanding of space by relating outer space to the theatre space, the journey of the man who flew into space from his apartment with that of the guest performer involved, taking a leap of faith and heading into the unknown.   

Michael Pinchbeck is an award-winning writer and theatre maker based in Nottingham, UK. His work has toured nationally and internationally and has been selected for the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase three times.

The man who flew into space from his apartment is commissioned by hÅb (Manchester) and Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. Supported by First Bite and Primary (Nottingham). Selected for Forest Fringe in Edinburgh 2015.

Guest Performers

4pm - Adele Wragg (Spiltmilk Dance)
6pm - Jimmy Fairhurst (Not Too Tame and Brassed Off)
8pm - Tom Barnes (2magpies) 

The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment from Michael Pinchbeck on Vimeo.

Running time: 
45 minutes (approx)