Atiha Sen Gupta: "After watching Abigail's Party, I was left with several questions that wouldn't go away"

After reading and watching Abigail’s Party, I was left with several questions that wouldn’t go away – I have tried to answer these in Abi.

Abi is the granddaughter of the original Abigail who is 15 years old in 2018. Teetering on the cusp of adulthood, Abi surveys the world left to her by her elders and tries her best to navigate it.

In the process of writing this play, I carried out research by visiting schools and holding workshops with 15 year olds. I asked questions about what frightened them about being alive now – social media, societally imposed sexualisation and Trump were some of the most common answers. Although I visited different schools, similar anxieties emerged.

Director Sarah Brigham, actor Safiyya Ingar and I have enjoyed bringing Abi in all her messy, teenage glory from the page to the stage.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Atiha Sen Gupta

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