Call Out for Creative Mentors & Youth Voice Creative Practitioners as part of Derby's Cultural Education Partnership

Derby Theatre and Derby’s Cultural Education Partnership are seeking artists to co-create with a range of young people across Derby city, on two exciting youth voice programmes.

Creative Mentoring

Our creative mentoring programme empowers young people’s voices by becoming better engaged with the world around them, using the power of creativity for a young person to explore and express themselves through a young-person centered approach.

Creative Mentors provide one to one support to young people who are struggling to engage in education, at risk of social exclusion, suffering with their mental health or feeling generally disaffected or disengaged.

The support is provided through informal creative sessions which are planned by the young person with support from their mentor. The Creative Mentor takes time to get to know the young person and creative activity is introduced. The means of working with the young person is always practical, using a range of different tools (for example film, drama, music, poetry, photography and stories) to help young people safely explore the world around them, learn new skills, communicate with others and address personal and emotional issues from a ‘creative distance’.

Through co-creating activity collaboratively with the young person alongsitheir supporting adults, Creative Mentors help to identify personalised pathways for progression. They carefully nurture young people’s social and emotional development, enabling them to develop their interests, engage fully in education and focus on their ambitions.

This Is Derby - Derby County Community Trust Session

Youth Voice Practitioners for two programmes

Inclusion Programme

The Inclusion programme is a locally-led vision that is about developing new strategies that help improve the rates of young people being excluded from our city’s schools.  The Young People’s Voice theme is about ensuring we capture and share young people’s responses and ideas in order to allow continual improvement to take place within delivery and in plans across the city.

Inclusion sits at the heart of this strategy, which will bring together diverse groups of young people to give us a better understanding of issues around inclusion through their creative expressions.

Delivery will happen in partnership with targeted schools and groups that will be identified through the inclusion provision.

Derby’s Youth Alliance: Young Voice Programme

Derby Youth Alliance (DYA) is an emerging consortium to support the youth sector to best support young people in Derby City. It is a collaborative partnership between the VCSE (Voluntary Community Social Enterprise), public and wider sectors. DYA as a consortium understands that it is vital for our approach to be informed by young people’s aspirations, needs and ambitions. 

Youth voice is at the heart of our approach and we are looking to work with artists that would be interested in developing co-created digital outputs with up to 6 groups of young people, to explore issues and themes that matter to them.  These groups may be formed in relation to a community of interest e.g. LGBTQ+ or they may be from a particular cultural heritage e.g. Roma community. 

This Is Derby - Baby People Session

What we are looking for

We actively champion and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

We positively encourage disabled people, African Diaspora people, South, East and South East Asian people or people from ethnically diverse backgrounds to apply to join our teams.

We guarantee to interview any candidate with a disability or from an ethnically diverse background who meets the essential criteria for the role.

Creative Mentoring

We are looking to work with creatives who are experienced in working with young people through their creative practice but are sensitive to young people’s needs and have a nurturing approach. The creative mentoring programme is designed to work with a young person who has been referred to us on a one-to-one basis, so we would ideally like you to have had some previous experience in this way of working.

We will be supporting all our mentors through a training programme, which includes Safeguarding, Mental Health First Aid Training, Child Sexual Exploitation Training, Opening & Closing Conversations safety and the care system.

You will also be invited to join the creative mentoring network, a safe space to discuss ideas and support for you with other creative mentors.

Training Fee: £200 will be paid for you to attend the training sessions. Please note all sessions will be delivered online and will be recorded. (dates tbc)

Creative Mentoring Fee: Payment is £35 per session (including travel) Each creative mentoring journey consists of at least 12 one-hour sessions with one young person. as well as an initial matching meeting and 6 session review meeting paid at the hourly mentoring rate.

This is Derby session with young people 2

Youth Voice

We would like to work with up to 10 artists who are passionate about young people, their voices and the power of co-creation.

The youth voice programme will consist of delivering with targeted groups of young people age 11-18, sessions will take place in a variety of settings between May and July, dates to be agreed. 

We would like you to have experience of working with vulnerable and often underrepresented young people and be skilled at listening to them and drawing out their ideas.   

We are keen to work with artists from cross-artforms, who can develop a digital creative output with young people as part of the sharing.

Payment: £200 day rate / £100 half day rate (including travel)

This is Derby session with young people

Applications Now Closed

To apply for either role online, please complete the application from the button below and submit by Friday 16 April 2021. This includes uploading a completed Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form and your current CV.

Alternatively, you can download the Application Form and Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form below and send, along with your current CV, to Katie Turner at by Friday 16 April 2021.

Download Application Form

Download Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Form

If you require these documents in a different format please email Simrun Sandhu at

If you are successful, you will be asked to attend a short interview. The proposed date for interviews is Thursday 22 April.

Thank you very much for your interest. 

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Lead Image: Plus One session © Chris Webb

Images: This Is Derby sessions delivered by consortium partners © Kristen Jennings