Call Out: applications now open for In Good Company's mid-career commission 2022 until Sun 30 Jan

Applications are now open for In Good Company's next mid-career commission opportunity until Sunday 30 January.

What is it?

The mid-career commission is a £5,000 grant for independent artists or companies who create live performance for public engagement and consider themselves mid-career. This might be for the stage or in a community setting. Whatever project you’re working on, as long as it involves live theatre (in the broadest sense of the word!) and it has public engagement, we want to hear about it!

This is a national callout, but you will be expected to engage with midland audiences and partners if selected and be able to show a positive impact for people in the Midlands.

Who is it for?

This grant is for those who consider themselves “mid-career”. Some examples of what we consider as mid-career include –

  • ‘Having an established practice, identity and a strong track record of creating contemporary theatre’
  • ‘Having made 2-3 shows/projects, which have preferably toured these outside of their region’
  • ‘Having worked in partnership with other venues to create work’
  • ‘Having the infrastructure and capacity to deliver the project and provide a meaningful learning experience for an early-career producer.’

We also consider alternative pathways into the arts and recognise not every person has the same experiences. Although these examples we listed can indicate mid-career artist, we will accept any application if there is justification or demonstration of mid-career experience.

What does it include?

  • £5,000 grant (plus £1,000 additional fee for recruiting and mentoring Assistant Producer – more details in the application pack)
  • 2 weeks rehearsal space at one or two of the IGC partner venues.
  • An opportunity to premiere the final piece at our Departure Lounge Festival, (if this is the right fit for your timeline)
  • 10 days with an Assistant Producer – more details in the application pack

IGC aims to provide more than just financial support. We will work with you to identify other areas we can support you in.

Some examples of additional support include:

  • Mentorship from IGC’s producers; including fundraising, making partnerships, access, tour and project planning.
  • Support from IGC venue teams; including marketing, fundraising, touring.
  • Signposting to relevant communities and groups linked with IGC and our partners.

Application Packs

Download Written Application Info Pack

Listen to Audio Application Info Pack

How To Apply

As a way of making this commission more accessible to more people, there are three ways to apply: by video, audio file or written application.

Please submit your application along with a completed IGC Monitoring & Diversity Form by the deadline of midnight on Sunday 30 January 2022

You can contact the IGC team for a conversation about the application process and for support in applying. For more information, Access advice or support in your application please contact Aoife O’Connor

A written application must be submitted via the form on our website.

Complete Written Application Form here

Audio or Video Applications

If you want to submit an audio or video file, please contact Aoife in advance, and she can help you transfer the file safely and confirm when she has received them.

Your files must be no longer than 6 minutes and must cover all the information we need. You will not be judged on the production quality of your file, as long as we can understand your information, that’s fine.

Access Requirements

We have additional funds to support applicants with access needs throughout the life of this commission. We are happy to discuss this in more detail, please contact Aoife

Diverity Monitoring

Please attach the Monitoring and Diversity Form to the application form, even if you do not wish to share data, there is a ‘prefer not to say’ option.

Download IGC Monitoring & Diversity Form