Call Out: Town Choir Recruitment for Departure Lounge

MAYK are looking for a choir to take part in, Vancouver based, Theatre Replacement’s Town Choir performance project, taking place in Derby’s Intu centre during Departure Lounge Festival 2018.

In a fixed location, young people type out observations of the world unfolding around them. In that same moment, a town choir receives these observations via a large screen and sings them out to the public. 

Drawing on patterns of relaying information that mirror Twitter or Facebook, Town Choir treats everyday considerations as news. Intimate and minute details are transmitted through the ether, and then filtered through the live body in an epic choral declaration. 

The show needs an SATB music reading choir to take part. If you think that could be your choir, glease get in touch with Hannah Nicholls, Engagement Producer at MAYK to express an interest or find out more by Friday 22 June.

Watch the Trailer