Casting Call: Lord Of The Flies, an autumn co-production by Derby Theatre and Hull Truck Theatre

Appliations are now closed

Derby Theatre and Hull Truck Theatre are co-producing an exciting new version of Lord Of The Flies, directed by Sarah Brigham. We are looking for a culturally diverse, mixed gendered, Disabled, non-disabled, Deaf and hearing cast of professional performers (18+)* for a new take on this classic play by William Golding, adapted by Nigel Williams.

*A professional performer is someone who has worked as a performer with a professional creative team on a show, paid or unpaid, for a minimum of a one week run.

The play offers an imprint of society and so we would like a large breath of society to be represented in our casting. 

The Story:

A plane crashes stranding a group of school children. With no adult supervision they begin to form their own society. Eventually order collapses and turns to violent brutality.  


The names will stay the same, but the gender of the characters may change and we will use appropriate pronouns for the characters and in conversation with the actor. 

- Ralph, Secondary School age.  charismatic affable and athletic, but also capable of cruelness.  A deep thinker and leader eventually wants to do “what’s right”

- Jack, Secondary School age.  Fearless, prone to violence, sees themselves as a “ natural hunter”, fierce, athletic, uncompromising, manipulative.  Fights for leadership of the group.

- Piggy, Secondary School age. Smart but often excluded from the group and picked on.  

- Roger, Secondary School age.  Manipulatieve and violent, sinister.  Pushes the group into violence. 

- Sam, Secondary School age.  Sibling of Eric, a follower not a leader. Switches allegiances.

- Eric, Secondary School age.  Sibling of Sam, a follower not a leader. Switches allegiances.

- Simon, Secondary School age.  Sensitive, intelligent, described as weird by the rest.  Is deeply effected by events. 

- Henry, Secondary School age but younger than the others a follower not a leader.  

- Maurice, Secondary School age but younger than the others.  The group clown, basic and childish humour.  

- Percival, Junior School age much younger than the others.  An innocent, scared of the situation.

- Naval Officer and Parachutist, An adult who restores order. Will also be assistant director. 


Rehearsals in Derby: Monday 10 August – Saturday 29 August 2020

Rehearsals in Hull: Monday 31 August – Saturday 5 September 2020

Production week in Hull: w/c 7 September 2020

Opens in Hull: Friday 11 September 2020 until Saturday 3October 2020

Opens in Derby: Tuesday 6 October 2020 until Saturday 24 October 2020

Applications are now closed

Lord Of The Flies is showing at Derby Theatre from Tues 6 October - Sat 24 October