Chantelle & Nadia's work experience with the Marketing Department

For the past few weeks, we have had Chantelle & Nadia on work experience with the Marketing Department! In these two blogs, Chanetelle & Nadia tells us about their time here...

Hello, my name is Chantelle and I am on my final day of work experience with the marketing team here at Derby Theatre.

I am currently in my second year and studying Contemporay theatre and performance at The University of Derby. I chose to come to Derby Theatre for my work experience because I love performing and have a passion for acting so being in the place that allows that to happen was perfect for me! 

Working with the marketing team has allowed me to see what other work goes on in the theatre behind the scenes and the different tasks they face to market a performance and get ticket sales flying. I had a big interest in Marketing a show through social media and the different elements that goes into this such as teaser trailers, countdown posts and rehearsal footage and this is something I got the chance to explore within my work experience with the team which was brilliant. 

Throughout my time here at the theatre I have been involved in so many exciting oppurtunities and had the best insight into what goes on here. I have explored creating a teaser trailor, writing up my own posts for social media and creating my own E-Shots for upcoming shows. 

 Aswell as this I had the oppurtunity to attend meetings such as the season brief where everyone from each department at the theatre talks about whats coming up for them this season and the shows that are coming aswell as oppurtunities that are arising.  

I also got to shadow box office and see the work that goes into actually selling the tickets to customers and the queries they may face and today I am shadowing front of house during a production which I am very exited about.  So throughout my time here I have definetly got the chance to see all different elements within marketing and it has really opened my eyes up to the work that goes into this fantastic theatre. 

Overall I have loved my time here with the marketing team and everyone around Derby theatre and I can now take with me the skills and Knowledge I have gained and apply these whenever I can for my future carrear path. 

chantelle :)


My name is Nadia and I am currently in my second year at the University of Derby studying Theatre studies with Education. As part of my degree I have been required to complete a work experience placement which I have been doing with the marketing team at Derby Theatre. I wanted to be part of Marketing as I believe it is a good way to get a deep insight into a side of theatre that I am unfamiliar with; as well as allowing me to have conversations with many other departments.

Emma and the rest of the Marketing team were extremely welcoming and treated me like part of team. My first day gave me a brief insight to what the marketing department were all about, I also went through a typical marketing process for an upcoming show. I was able to look over the weekly team meeting which allowed me to see data for show sales and how to promote these.

During my time at Derby Theatre I also participated in meetings with many different departments such as Youth Theatre and Box Office, all of which opened my view of the work that all the different departments as well as helped me to build my confidence by speaking to many new people.

Another one of my tasks whilst on placement was to help create the Learning Programme for the upcoming season; the programme is given to schools and details educational workshops, as well as ticket offers, that may be available to schools for shows at the theatre. Working on this was really exciting for me as it helped me to use some of my knowledge from my Education modules and implement this. This really opened my mind to possible future job opportunities that may be available with crossovers between Theatre and Education and therefore I am very grateful to have been able to assist with the work on this.

Social media was another aspect of marketing I was very interested in, due to using it myself! I was set tasks such as scheduling tweets with information on upcoming shows, which also included review quotes, pictures, or behind the scenes videos. Another aspect I was shown was also press releases of upcoming shows and I was able to create my own about a couple of touring shows that are coming to the theatre soon. This really worked on my skills of selecting the most important information about a show in order to promote it to the relevant press.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my placement at Derby Theatre. I have found it extremely beneficial to my development both in my professional working skills, and my social skills. The placement gave me knowledge about the Theatre, the work that goes into promoting and marketing shows, how a box office environment operates and work that goes on for young people at the theatre, an area which I have found has really stemmed my interest!

I’m very grateful to Derby Theatre, and especially Marketing, for having me as part of their team and providing me with skills that I believe will be invaluable to the remainder of my degree and my career development. They provide excellent opportunities and I would highly recommend it.


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