Cinderella review by Mia Schroder

"When I booked tickets for my family to go and see Cinderella, I was expecting the stereotypical, ditsy story about a princess and her shoe – at 18, I was sceptical as to whether or not I’d enjoy it. However, I was left speechless by just how unique Derby Theatre had managed to make the show. IT WAS AMAZING. Although all the essential classic details were kept, Sarah Brigham and the rest of the Cinders team put an incredible spin on it – there were hints about breaking the fourth wall, and character self-awareness jokes (as actors had multiple roles) which both the older audience members and young children found funny, and subtle yet strong themes of self-worth, gender roles and confidence, which I thought was a lovely message to put across to the little ones, and a good way to connect with teenagers and adults who may relate and struggle sometimes, much like the beautiful (and VERY talented) Cinderella. I found the whole storyline emotionally compelling as well as seriously entertaining, which is amazing – so much different to your regular fairy stories.

The levels of talent in this production were jaw-dropping. The play had some very funny songs as well as some heartfelt ballads, and I spent half the time trying to work out if the instruments on stage were actually being played or whether the actors were just really, really good at pretending to play them in time to music. It turns out they were playing live music, which just goes to show how talented the cast were. I paid attention to all moments, especially the tiny rat ensemble pieces – it is amazing how someone can play the violin, sing and act like a rat all at the same time. It really is the little things that make a show so brilliant, and this show proves that. The facial expressions and childlike manner of the whole cast left my whole family in stitches, I genuinely felt like a child – I’d definitely recommend going to see Cinderella to get you in the festive mood! Speaking of children, the young company were AMAZING – they should be very proud of themselves. I particularly liked their mimicking of a previous scene, it was very funny and I liked that all of the actors were consistent, as every good actor should be!

The sets were amazing, lighting, costumes – all of it fabulous! Without the backstage goings-on, there would be no show at all, and it is clear that everyone has worked their little socks (or glass slippers) off to make the production as brilliant as it was, and it genuinely is something audiences of all ages can enjoy."

Cinderella plays at Derby Theatre until Saturday 9 January 2016. Book your tickets here