Coconut - review

By Student Ambassador, Charlie Ayers

Coconut is a heart felt play which follows the life of Rumi, a Muslim who finds herself indulging more in fine wine and bacon rather than being at the mosque. However, Rumi is forced to asses her own beliefs when her new partner, Simon, agrees to convert to Islam. Told through poetic storytelling and imagination this touching piece of artistry covers race and culture in a comedic yet informing manner.

Taking the stage, the characters worked seamlessly as one, bouncing energy back and forth which meant the hour and a half performance flew by. Until pretty recently, most theatre has been about men; however, this performance flips that view. Empowering women of race to redress the equality imbalance in the arts this performance shouts out to all members of the public.

Furthermore, this touching studio performance stood out to me due to its accessibility for all. Available alongside the performance, there is a downloadable app or on a web browser which features an arguably revolutionary aspect. On there you can follow the script along to yourself, so not to distract anyone else from the performance!

Highly recommendable for all the family! Catch it if you can!

Coconut is touring all In Good Company venues this summer - so if you missed it here, have a look where else it's showing here.