Departure Lounge - A letter of thanks...

Dear In Good Company,

In July I had the most fantastic experience of being able to see all of the shows at the Departure Lounge Festival. I was lucky to be chosen as an artist who got a free pass to all the shows. Without this I would not have been able to afford to go. This is because Adam Pownall, programmer at Lincoln Drill Hall, took up IGC’s offer of offering a free festival pass to an artist for every programmer who paid for their festival tickets. It was truly brilliant! From the shows to the chats at the bar, it is something that has influenced me as an artist.

BULLISH definitely stands out as a show that I will never ever forget!  That acting was phenomenal and I really enjoyed that Trans issues and performers are putting work out there; I even managed to chat to the cast about their experiences in the acting world.  This was a great performance with a diverse cast that I really left feeling inspired.

Another part of the festival which was brilliant was the panel talk- ‘Feel Good Facts and Home Truths’. It was all women from very different backgrounds talking about their experiences within the arts. Huge discussions about mental health and diversity in theatre! It may sound a bit sad (bare with me!), but it made me feel really emotional that we are having these discussions and that I was able to be a part of it.  From it I learned a lot about what I want to do as an artist and how I want to get there. I made quite a few contacts and I have even set up some meetings.There was even a guy from equity there giving some advice! Honestly it was brilliant, I have made some really connections from attending this festival, who I may hopefully be working with in the future.

So thanks In Good Company and Lincoln Drill Hall. Not only have it helped me as a performer by putting me in touch with the right people for my work, but it has also offered me a fantastic opportunity to have attended the festival for free. As someone who has just changed jobs to try and make more art, I would not have been able to attend the festival at all without this opportunity.
I cannot thank these guys enough! Honestly I had the best time!

Thank you so much!

Lauren Nicole Whitter