Derby Theatre awarded Theatre of Sanctuary status in recognition of their work and relationship with sanctuary seekers

Derby Theatre is delighted to announce that they have been awarded Theatre of Sanctuary status in recognition of the work they have been doing for many years to welcome people seeking sanctuary to the theatre. 

Highlights have included the creation of an audio tour, Sorry, I Disappeared, co-created with ThickSkin and new arrivals to the city, our free monthly Community Cuppa sessions, welcoming and bringing together those seeking sanctuary to take part in creative sessions, co-hosting Meet Your Neighbour parties with Theatre Company of Sanctuary, Maison Foo and highlighting stories through our programme that aims to raise awareness and give voice to those with lived-experience. 

Through partnerships with artists and companies, we have been able to offer free tickets to productions, as well as work experience opportunities throughout the Theatre. 

“We are absolutely delighted that Derby Theatre has been recognised as a Theatre of Sanctuary. For many years, this amazing organisation has been at the forefront of welcoming those seeking sanctuary into their venue, creating opportunities to learn from those with lived experience in shaping performances and programming, and inspiring other organisations across the city to do the same”  - Andrew Jackson (Chair of Derby City of Sanctuary Network)

"Derby Theatre has helped me in so many ways, it helped me find good friends and helped me stay busy" - Gabib Gadzhialiev (New friend of Derby Theatre)

“City of Sanctuary has always appreciated the great work that Derby Theatre has done to promote welcome and sanctuary in their community. It was a great pleasure to honour them with a Theatre of Sanctuary award. We look forward to seeing all of their programmes to come.” Ashley Beckett (London Coordinator, City of Sacntuary UK)

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