Drag Me to Love - Studio Blog

Introduce yourself…

Hello! I’m Abbey Jones, part of theatre company Bonnie and The Bonnettes which is made up of myself, Hattie Eason, Becky Glendenning, and Cameron Sharp. We are very excited to be bringing our debut show, Drag Me to Love, to Derby Theatre on the 23rd September 2017. As a company we are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and in our work we aim to push perceptions and have a good time whilst doing it, whether that’s through telling stories, making our audiences think, or having a dance to our favourite 80’s pop anthem! We like Cyndi Lauper, Bonnie Tyler, Madonna, and a bit of The Pointer Sisters!

So what is Drag Me to Love all about?

Drag Me to Love is a three person, autobiographical show that follows the journey of 14-year old Cameron as he throws himself head-first into the glamourous world of drag, and also what happens when all that glamour starts to fade away. Overall it’s about being young, free, and having no limitations. It’s about having the space and confidence to express yourself –especially when you want to do that in 6-inch-stilettos! It’s a show that celebrates LGBTQ+ youth but also looks to highlight the very humane naivety that we all experience at that age. We like to think that the show is a giant scrapbook of all the characters that Cameron met, the experiences he had, and the performances he did.

The show is autobiographical, what made you decide to tell the story in the form of theatre?

It was kind of the other way around: we knew we wanted to make a show for a theatre audience, and then we realised we had this amazing story to tell. I think that because of the rawness of the underlying story it works well in a theatre setting, as there is a level of intimacy with the audience as we take them on a very personal and unique journey. It is a story that is rooted in the LGBTQ+ community and we wanted to share such a story in a very honest and celebratory way. Also, the setting for the show i.e. a drag/ cabaret club gives us so much to play with as theatre makers. So much glitter, and lights, and music, and characters!

What has been your favourite part of the process?

Everything? Although you don’t see me in the show (having mainly worked on the early devising and the scriptwriting), what’s great about the way we work is that every stage of the process is collaborative, and we all get the opportunity to work on various aspects of the show. If I had to choose a favourite aspect it would be our devising process, and watching the rest of the team get the script up on its feet, playing with ideas, and bringing this story to life. I’m privileged to work with some talented people!

Why should people come to see the show?

When it comes to the world of drag I think it is often misunderstood. I like that we have created a show that offers a very real insight into drag performance and highlights aspects of it people may not have previously considered or understood. When describing the show, and the company for that matter, we often use the phrase ‘loud, fun, and unapologetic’ which I think are the best qualities of our work. Our work is a little much. A little loud. A little too much neon. However, it is a world that is not only unique to Cameron’s story but also one that allows an audience in to laugh with us, to cry with us, and to sing along! This unique viewpoint of a young boy’s journey into the world of drag is one not to be missed!

Drag Me To Love comes to our Studio on Staurday 23 September. You can find out more and book tickets here.