DT Ambassador Stan Healey blogs about Connections Festival

"Hi! I’m Stan, and I’m 15. I have been doing lots of stuff at Derby Theatre over the past few years, including DT Ambassadors (which used to be Theatre Thinkers), multiple Connections festivals, Press Nights and Young Technicians just to name a few!

Connections Is Coming up! Which Show Are You Going To Be Following? What Is The Play About?

Over the festival I am going to be following a unique play called ‘FOMO’ (Fear of Missing Out). The play is a humorous following of your typical high school ‘power’ couple, Dani and Josh. And as most things are these days, their friends envy their relationship as their relationship scatters across social media. The play highlights how much people rely on social media, and what the true colours of their relationship are when the government switch off the internet! And then the best part is nearly the entire play is told through Snaps, Tweets, Status Updates, iMessages and Instagram Posts! FOMO is going to be a play at Connections you definitely shouldn't miss out - or you will be envying your friends Instagram feeds!

What Are You Most Looking Forward To About Connections?

As always I’m looking forward to Connections, but in particular I’m excited to see the new and ever unique plays the festival has to offer, as well as the great interactive workshops - which are always a laugh, and very helpful especially when picking something like Drama at GCSE (but not limited to that course). I’m also looking forward to being on the ‘Events Team’ once again which is always great and insightful to the theatre industry!

- Stan"


Monday 24 - Saturday 29 April 

An exciting festival of theatre, new writing and workshops for young people. Once again, Derby Theatre hosts the East Midlands Festival as part of National Theatre Connections. 12 young companies from around the region stage new plays written for them by some of theatre’s most exciting playwrights. Over the festival, Derby Theatre will become a vibrant artistic hub for young people, offering not just the chance to perform, but also to participate in workshops with leading creative professionals, open mic events and more!

See the full line-up here