Everything you need to know about Derby Rises and how to watch

On Sunday 27 September at 7pm Derby Theatre will be staging its first event since March. Join us on Facebook Live to watch Derby Rises and celebrate the city's emergence from quarantine and easing out of lockdown.

Over the last month, as part of a new project, we have been connecting with communities through workshops across our city, baking together, fermenting ideas and listening to your hopes and dreams.

Now we have created a special evening of variety entertainment that brings these dreams and ideas to life!

The socially distanced evening of celebration will be held at the Theatre and broadcast directly to your home. Here's everything you need to know...

Watch on Facebook Live

The event has now passed, but a post-event recording will be posted on Facebook and YouTube soon.

An Overview of the Derby Rises project

Artistic Director and CEO of Derby Theatre, Sarah Brigham gives a taste of what to expect from the Derby Rises community co-creation project and celebration event.

"Rather than just ‘bang out’ the same type of show to re-open the theatre, we knew we wanted to put the voices of our community front and centre..."

Read blog by Sarah Brigham

Community Workshops and Graffiti Wall

In the lead up to the Derby Rises celebration event we've been holding workshops with different communities across the city, led by artist Leo Kay, Baby PeopleMaison FooMilk Presents and Not Too Tame.

The voices of the people and ideas sparked from these workshops will inspire the evening of entertainment you will see staged at Derby Theatre through Facebook Live.

Interview with lead artist Leo Kay

In this first part of a two part interview, lead artist Leo Kay introduces the artistic practice that will be used in the Derby Rises community workshops - The Bakery of Slow Ideas.

Read Leo Kay interview part one

In part two, Leo discusses the importance of co-creation and community projects in the theatre industry.

Read Leo Kay interview part two

Derby Rises is part of Derby CAN (Creative Arts Network), a three-year, multi-partner Arts Council England funded project to work, co-curate and co-create with different communities.