In Good Company: Vault Festival

Here's what Laura Ryder thought of VAULT festival...

Having had the joy of taking my own work to VAULT festival the previous weekend, I was over the moon to be able to go back with In Good Company to check out some of the other work there.
Even wandering down the archway corridors plastered with posters you can see this festival has some brilliant shows with so many new and exciting companies sharing their work.

Vault festival feels like falling down the rabbit hole, you wander down the graffiti tunnel and turn to go underground where you get lost in all the babble of the place; meeting new artists and bumping into familiar faces; seeing brilliant work, it is easy to lose track of time down there. 

We went to see three shows; a work in progress sharing of In Bed with my Brother’s Tricky Second Album, Will Jackson’s Yours Sincerely and Nouveau Riché’s Queens of Sheba. A real mixture of shows, from stories of stealing stamps to beautifully sung and delivered truths. I came away with my head fizzing.

If you get a chance to get yourself down there the line up for the rest of VAULT is proper good and there’s loads of ticket offers. Thanks a lot IGC for taking me!


Laura Ryder and Co's The Bee Project did a 3 night run at Vault Festival 2019. Original show supported by In Good Company and Arts Council England.