The Jungle Book review by Student Ambassador Molly Hall

Jungle Fever this Easter at Derby Theatre

By Molly Hall

Derby’s big Easter theatre production is back with a fantastic cast, performing a ground-stomping adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic, The Jungle Book. It is a winning guarantee on a wheel of laughter, dancing, singing, silliness, imagination and heart-warming affection that will have you leaving with high spirits and happy memories. 

Derby Theatre’s The Jungle Book is a true family treat; an energetic, light-hearted and loveable tale. The whole production from casting, sets, music to choreography, pulls you into the depths of the mighty jungle for an adventure amongst the many tribes along the way.

Rascal monkeys, loveable rogues and four legged furies enchant a habitat of song, dance and cheekiness through their storytelling of jungle survival for ‘man-cub’ Mowgli. The audience are taken on a journey along with Mowgli as he learns the “calls of the jungle” by his adopted wildlife family, and the lessons of the ‘man world’ out in human civilisation. 

The cast are passionate and expressive in a way that invites the audience into its authentic nature of the magical Jungle Book story. British Sign Language and deaf actors are empowering on stage, admirably reflecting the story’s values of acceptance and freedom- to be yourself in any culture. 

The musical is deep and soulful, with a select pick of different instruments performed by the cast on stage. The acoustics of wind, percussion and string amplify a raw and organic sound that takes you down into adventures of the jungle. As well as upbeat and merry sing-alongs that tie together the whole theatre for a lively and charming experience. 

The cast are professional and thrilling in the ways they throw themselves into their wild and animated characters. Not a single breath, movement or expression is half-hearted and keeps you captivated from start to finish. Derby Theatre’s Easter production of The Jungle Book are treating us with a faultless cast of natural artistic story-tellers whom are undoubtable proud to bring such fun and imagination to the stage.